Monday, 7 January 2013

Progress Report: i's and t's

As the title says, Ken and I (well Ken mostly) are doing some of the finishing touches. Ken renamed all the Master Parameters to avoid any conflict with other Poser injections and is mopping up my scruffy work (also that of Smith Micro). We're just correcting some small errors we found and then it should be ready.... whooaa... I hope... unless a meteorite falls on earth?

Keep an eye on this blog because once this bitch goes for testing, and returns, you might want to make suggestions or requests. I recently got a request for overtly large labia and I'm going to try and honour that one. 

In the meanwhile I've also started making some props for the first Lali Lite... a drumset... haha


  1. Looking forward to buying this. Hope to see some of those test renders.
    How do things hold up with double penetration?
    Hoping it will work well with Octane render.

    1. yep coming soon, during testing I suppose.
      DP? hm, honestly haven't tried that yet haha. But I'll test it tomorrow, let you know. I was planning a bit of DP for Lali, somewhere down the line anyway hehe.

      Octane? Probably. Its just a bunch of morphs with a prop. Never worked with octane before.

  2. I definitely vote FOR overly-large labia....what does that say about me??!! Onward, bubba!

    1. haha you TOO? ok. Well keep an eye out. There's going to be a request session soon.


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