Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lali's Bits: Suggestions!

Hey peeps,

Lali's Bits are back in my hands now because poor Ken is sick as a dog. He's done heroic work and now I'm going to add a few lines of code here and there and then send it off to the testers.

In the meanwhile, YOU (yes you) can place some suggestions, wants, wishes, etc, concerning Lali's Bits. Chances are they've been covered already, or asked already, like large labia or double penetration options. Since LB's is in an already quite advanced stage, possibilities to change will be limited. Despite that, perhaps it can be supplied as an update, or different package. For example, someone asked for large capacity oral morphs, that would be a separate Injection package, but different labia shapes would probably be an update (if I'll ever get round to it).

Let's hear it.

PS: I've done my best to track down all emails and messages sent over Christmas and New Years, but if I've forgotten yours, please send me again!


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  2. For this time i dont have suggestions, may be they come when Lali morphs was released ;)

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  3. Well, with what you are showcasing in your splendid comics, it is difficult to think of anything that you haven't covered already. Body, bending, bits and face variations all look really good. One question though, how extreme have you gone in body types to see how well everything stays accurate?


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