Monday, 21 January 2013

Progress Report: waiting... and a Lite version

Hey, while I'm waiting for a response from my testers (I guess America is sleeping now) I've been sniffing around and picked up comments that some people are scared of the magnitude of Lali's Bits and that it would bog their system down.

Soooo I was contemplating quickly making an optional Lite version (next to the regular version). It would be a very crude effort where I just delete shit from the PMD and remove some FBM entries (I am seriously not going to bother with the CR2 - which is not that big). Hopefully that would work. So I'd just keep the very very essentials, like the bend morphs, opening morphs and some of the core vagina shapes.

Let's see if that would work...


  1. I want the full, and I'm hoping that it works despite my computer being a few years old. I need to uninstall the Octanerender that has slowed processing time.

    Genesis takes much more time to load than anything I've ever used.

  2. I haven't tried Lali's Bits on my MacBook Pro, which is faster than this iMac, mainly because it runs frighteningly HOT when rendering. But I'll give her a go.... no Lali Lite for me, thanx!

  3. looks very promissing, just what v4 was missing. i'll be checking soon for the final version.


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