Saturday, 5 January 2013

Progress Report: surprises

So the situation is as follows: while I was recovering from a year of non-stop Lali (not that that is such a bad thing) hero Ken solved some issues, almost accidentally.

  1. prop loads once now (not twice)
  2. and therefore the indescribable peaks and errors disappeared
  3. group compatibility seems to work for him but not for me so that's one of the last things we're trying to sort out.
  4. there are some odd parameter overlaps that seem to have crept into Lali's Bits so we're also trying to figure out if that's just bad coding or bad Smith Micro.
The group issue might seem like a minor thing, but when your making comics or whatever professionally, the last thing you want is some INJ to fuck up your initial grouping (thus part of your workflow).

Not promising anything but it seems we've made the necessary breakthroughs. I didn't expect it to be such a drama though. The problem is 1. Lali's Bits is MASSIVE and there's a lot that can go wrong in making the pz2, especially in trying to avoid compatibility issues with other morph sets that use similar channels. We're trying to prepare it so that even the novice user can have fun with it, and that's quite a mission. And 2. there's a prop attached. Most pz2 editors don't support that. But despite all that, we might actually have solved all of it. 

Off to test the fuck out of it :D


  1. I know nothing about packaging morphs to sell, so bare with me.

    I'm assuming you've created a morph default standing pose, and separate sculpted morphs for the bending.

    I have Poser Pro 2012, and I did use the weight mapping joint controls that teaches the bend to incorporate a morph.

    If all else fails I'll figure out how to reload the object file morphs myself.

    1. I just have morphs for the bending, and a prop. The standing pose is just the original V4, untouched.

      I hope people are still not confused but Lali's Bits is just Lali's Bits, not Lali. So you can let your gal spread her legs and get fucked like Lali does. But Lali herself... she's top secret :)

    2. Yeah, I could understand that. Lali is very special, but I can't imagine wanting to duplicate her. I really like that she has sort of a short soft puffy look to her that's quite natural, but I'd make a girl that's different.

      Something about Asian women's bodies looks so perfect, not the skinny ones. Its difficult to describe, but unique only to Asian women.

  2. The is the vertex weight mapping I'm referring to.

  3. Please no weight mapping, all clothes and shoes need a crappy mod to work.


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