Friday, 18 January 2013

Progress Report: Poser 1, DAZ 0. Poser is a go.

The tests from our Poser testers are very positive with minor suggestions to change certain things like names etc. So Poser is set to go. The tests from DAZ are just weird. Unfortunately our DAZ testers are not getting any consistent results. One brave fella converted the PMD to CR2 but then I need to re-rig the whole of Lali's Bits. I told him I'd rather shoot myself. I converted the whole thing like Zev0 did, but now it seems like it only works in my Poser...

So I'm afraid DAZ users are going to have to wait a bit while we sort this out. We have a number of options open to us, but we just don't know exactly why each different DAZ user gets different results. One says it works fine, the other says only some of it works, and yet another one says its completely distorted.

So as it seems now, the Poser version will be released earlier than the DAZ version. I hope that's ok because I don't wanna keep people waiting for any longer than necessary (sorry sorry sorry). So I am now off to do the final details for the Poser version, and off to the shop it goes :)

Oh and I'll post a few renders from the tests and the new morphs in the pussy prop.

Stay tuned.

And Nakedfunn, are you still pressing F5 in the 'naughty bits' section? haha


  1. Yes, still stands at 60 on Female Genitalia. I'm hoping to look at what you've done to find out if I can mimic it on Genesis in Poser, which is completely unfriendly for morph making individual object props.

    DAZ has been made with lots of programing that blocks customization so I'm not surprised you're getting all sorts of weird results.

    Regardless, I feel as if I should buy you a big bottle of champagne or something.

  2. E, I'll be sending you some renders ASAP....spending a lot of time staring at the screen with my mouth open! :D

  3. For a good new, it's a good new ! Dont want to wait :D


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