Friday, 18 November 2016

Dicks, Comics, and perhaps a dickgirl too

Hey peeps. Well a LOT is changing around here. The country I'm living in (name withheld) is totally buckling under climate change and local government corruption and population apathy. I'm finally actually leaving to the UK. I might still go to Canadastan later but for now I just need to get the fuck out. This means a lot of things: no more drama like, no power, no water, no family dramas, finally access to modern fucking technology, I don't have to be secretive about the fact that I do erotic comics, etc etc etc. I can basically concentrate on my career again. But it also means I need to work harder since the UK is more expensive than it is here... or is it? 

This year has been abnormally expensive because of running the petrol generator almost daily, I have been distracted for the last few years because my family always finds a way to cause drama, and most products in the store here are imported. Plus I'll expect I can work more efficiently in the UK than here, where I get constantly distracted by endless shit. Nothing works properly here, everything breaks, they do their best to keep foreigners with money out, no investments, and nobody gives a fuck. Its so sad though. This country used to be prosperous, its currency was equal to the pound, and since they kicked their dictator, its just total corruption. These governments totally don't give a shit about their people, and what is worse, the people just seem to take it. I hope they get their revolution and fast, its very fucked up here.

Take no prisoners

But this means no more bullshit from me, and Project E is now high on the list. I'll need the cash. Comics are going well despite the problems, but I'll need more than just comics to survive the next few months (because my comics are getting pirated like nobody's business, which is a compliment in a way, but I'm not sure if that actually results in funds for me). Now you all know about my misadventures with Poser last year that entirely stagnated Project E, and how they finally fixed some horrendous issues after I (and many others) bitterly complained about it. Well, things are working again, and I know this because I've been experimenting on another, smaller, figure project over the last few months. And thus I can say I have a small surprise for some of the erotica fans out there. I've been secretly developing a male gens for my comics and its nearly complete. Its called TAB (for Twig and Berries).


TAB will be sold over at Renderotica. TAB will be able to fit M4, V4, M6 and V6, as well as Poser's Rex, James, Paul and Pauline. Most standard DAZ FBMs will be supported. It is highly detailed, high resolution, loads of morphs and you can use your old M4, M6 and M7 materials and textures on it the textures in the images are M4). You can also use my custom textures I will provide for it. 

I designed it in such a way that it should work for both Poser and DS, but the DS version might be delayed for some time. My DAZ savior has gone AWOL (has anyone seen Poison?). Hopefully I can also get support for M7 & V7 going too.

PE UK release

Once TAB is done, and I'm in the UK, I'm going full out on Project E. TAB has allowed me to experiment with figures in Poser without making me loose my shit, and I now know what to avoid. I will try to release PE a.s.a.p with all the promised morphs, mannequins, donors, some base textures, some basic clothes and a really detailed instruction manual about how to pose her realistically. If all goes well she should be able to work in DS too. 

PE as a dickgirl?

Once she's out, I think I'll work on a dedicated dickgirl version of her. So basically I'll integrate TAB into Project E. So she'll be even higher res, because TAB is already pretty high. But most artists these days have decent processing power, so no whining please :D

And no I am not doing a dickgirl for myself. Its strictly business.

Project Dude?
If those two sell well I might even consider making a dude, but that is a BIG if. Making a figure is not a joke, and its not even sure if the Poser community will accept PE, let alone a dude version. If PE fails, then I am fucked and I need to change gears rapidly. I might have to go into modelling full time and perhaps start using 3DSMax exclusively, but I doubt it. Although Poser is not very popular these days, and DS is really not my cup of tea, I'm sure my comics will be able to gain traction somewhere, with the right PR.

Right now, Disco Dragon 3 is about at 20% and Sen's comic about the same. They're going quite ok. Of course they could go even faster if I had power all day. 

Next year, when PE is out, I want to start making my first mainstream Lali comic. It will have some sexiness in it, but more like just nudity and hints of sex. I'll try plan it in such a way that there can be a sex version of it. 

Going mainstream is risky, but there are a few advantages that can make it worth trying: there's a larger audience probably, I can concentrate more on an actual story, and its easier to make! Yes, sex comics are actually really tough to make. For me at least. Posing two or more people in intimate sex positions, and all the time moving around, is fakken hard to do. I could also just make simple picture series like other artists, but that's boring. I do prefer telling a story. The Gentleman's Club's non-sex scenes were completed in a few weeks, its the sex scenes that took forever. And to be honest, although its generally fun, it can get a bit boring after a while. 

Don't worry, I'll still do Lali Lites and erotic comics like always, but I think Lali's stories have more to offer than what they do at the moment. I already have her first Black Desk comic planned out almost entirely, and I wouldn't be surprised if it will be completed faster than my erotic comics (for reasons stated above). It still features Lali's typical naughtiness and wit, and I wouldn't be surprised its even more entertaining than her erotic comics. Remember Pock's Rescue Mission?

Anyway, that's it for now folks!


  1. I'm eagerly but patiently awaiting PE, and now TAB and the yet unnamed dickgirl. You have a fan here. :)

  2. ...aaaand now three products to look forward to. Simon Smaegol wants his three precioussssssss~~~~~~

  3. Thanks for the update. Do you already have an actual date as to when you will be in the UK?

    1. I'm waiting for the papers of my cats to clear, and then i can go and buy a ticket. I'm hoping towards the end of december. It also kind of depends if I can find a place in manchester that accepts pets!

  4. I agree with Matt; as a long-time Poser user who doesn't like working in Daz Studio, I also am eagerly awaiting Project E and plan to purchase her as soon as she appears. I suspect that there are many others also hoping that Project E is ready soon.

    1. yeah, quite some folks are apparently still eager, even DS users! Did not entirely expect that :O but hey, I'm cool with it haha!

  5. I got an idea. Since that was a very long-winded project, with all of us drooling and scratching at the door while waiting for it, "E" could very well stand for "Eternity" ;p


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