Thursday, 8 December 2016

TaB Poser complete: in testing

Hey boys n girls, ladies and gentlemen, cats n dogs, etc...

TaB (Twig and Berries) for Poser is now in the hands of Alpha testers that are checking it out to find problems etc etc. In the meanwhile I'll be writing a manual for it.

I thought you might be interested in some info on TaB:

TaB (Twig and Berries) was originally designed for M4, but can work for several other figures that work in Poser (V4, G2M&F dson, G3 ported, Paul, Pauline, James and Rex). There is a DS version in the making too.

TaB comes in two main sets:
  • For Poser native figures (those with a hip: M4, V4, Paul, Pauline, James and Rex)
  • For figures ported through DSON (those with a pelvis: G2M&F dson, maybe G3 converted)
In each set there are four different versions that have different UV sets (can use four different texture sets: M4 gens, G2M gens, G3M gens and my own Ero textures). All versions are identical in functionality, with exception of their fitting morphs obviously. TaB relies on a transmap to blend in at the base with the host body. I have provided several options for this trans map for all UV four versions.



The idea is that you can use TaB with any figure you wanna conform it to, with any texture set you already have, or with the new ones I've provided.


  • TaB Poser Core Pack
  • TaB Poser Expansion Pack

The Core Pack is for people that can do their own materials. It will include the following:
  • Four UV versions of Genesis-friendly TaBs (inside Poser)
  • Four UV versions of Poser figure-friendly TaBs

  • 29 applicable poses for M4
  • Fit poses for each supported figure
  • 16 preset poses (including zero poses)
  • 21 Shaft poses (including zero poses)
  • 26 glans poses (including zero poses)
  • 21 scrotum poses (including zero poses)
  • 10 detail poses (including zero poses)
  • 17 more misscalaneous poses (including zero poses)

  • 5 versions of a Cockring prop for M4, V4, G2M and F and a general poser version

  • 12 core materials for the Ero version for show, and as a basis for tinkerers to make their own sets.

  • The basic versions of 4 types of Ero textures.
  • Several masks that can be used for all four UV sets.
  • Helpful info jpegs.
  • Several transparencies per UV version

  • 1 Start-up scene with lights and render setting as I like them


The Expansion pack will include +200 materials of different shades and matches to existing M4 material packs available.
  • +140 shades with pubes versions
  • materials for M4 Elite figures using original textures (M4 Elite required)
  • materials for M4 Elite gens using original textures (M4 Elite required)
  • matching materials for M4 Elite gens
  • matching materials for Tyrese and Uncle Albert
  • materials for M6 Darius, Michael 6 and M6 Phillip gens using original textures (original textures required)


  1. Wow, looks incredibly versatile, though I can't help but wondering what nightmarish appendages people are going to make with it. lol

  2. Looks pretty good so far ;)
    Nothing else to add there

  3. I never thought I'd write this one day but... that dick will be mine.

  4. Your "Alvin and the Chipmunks" looks great, lad!! Happy Christmas to you and the girls!!

  5. Hi
    when we'll find it on the market ?

    1. its already there!! sorry i was too busy to announce it here

  6. Would love to get my hands on this and test it out. My Cassidy OC uses a lot of Lali's Bits.

    1. lol Bro I totally forgot to update my Blog. I've been SO BUSY! its out, or at least the poser version is. DS is in testing now.

  7. Is PE still alive? Haven't seen any updates since you moved to Britain.


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