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Updates / gossip / shoutouts August 2014

3DX Gossip May 2014

Hey peeps. Just a small lowdown from me, but this time a little different. I just wanna give a shoutout to some of my buddies in CGe/3DX! Below is more info about me and PE. But first...

New edition of the 2nd Lite available!!

If all is well, all the customers that bought Lali Lite 2 - Impulse should've gotten an email from Rotica about the new edition. I spent a day taking out some of the little errors and poke-throughs, and now the improved version of the lite is available to add to your collection!

Anyway, in other news...


Render beast Epoch just released another of his dossiers, The Medjai Mistake, and this time its with our favourite archeologist / explorer Clara Ravens. His dossiers are more-or-less straight forward erotic moments compared to his more complexly structured comics. I checked it out and besides being spoiled by Epoch's typical high quality renders, Clara Ravens seems to me to be a bit more lively in this episode with some funny little moments throughout this dossier. I really liked this one! 

For those of you that don't know, Epoch is also the mastermind behind the Dynamic Comic Viewer (DCV), an innovative piece of software that adds to the whole comic experience.

HZR recently released a picture series / comic called 'The Crafty Maid'. Its a simple and delightful little story about a maid getting naughty, with some funny moments. HZR likes experimenting with poses and positions and he's getting better at it with every release. This guy's renders are probably some of the best out there, with the amount of painstaking effort he puts into the materials and lighting in his scenes, on parr with guys like Render8, Epoch and Blackadder. While his work might be clean and straight forward, the quality of his scenes should keep you captivated.

Gazukull, one of the most innovative artists in 3DX, is apparently busy with an interactive 3DX game. I was allowed to see some screenshots and it looks promising. Besides that he already has several items in the Renderotica and Affect3D stores. His comics are fun, delightful and a lot more story based than most other works out there, which I like. He's also known for his humoristic pirate comics called Dead Tide. He also made a game where you can play strip poker with one of his busty characters. Check him out.

Milady and good friend KristinF, master of erotic Vue, released her 6th 'Diary of a Party Girl', and I definitely recommend it. Like with previous episodes, this one takes you through detailed and semi-autobiographical erotic situations with her unique 'painter-portrait' style. However, the quality of her work has improved dramatically, with more detail, better posing and also more focus on a longer stories. For those of you that don't know her, she's been around the 3DX scene well over a decade, tirelessly supporting the community, and recently started making comics. Without sounding over-the-top, she's incredibly versatile, eager, and she's one of the most productive artists in the world, making several high quality renders per day almost. Also, she's open for commissions and trust me, this girl delivers.

Last I heard, Miro, the man behind the monumental Girlfriends4Ever animation package is busy with the DLCs for it. He runs the show over at Affect3D and is not one to sit still. With great curiosity I look forward to what this dude will come up with next.

Big bro Darkseed is working his butt off setting up either post-modern, or medieval fantasy style comics starring his busty take-no-prisoners heroine Rogue. For the most part, he stepped away from erotica and is bravely pursuing down the road of classical comics. His shit looks promising because his plentiful characters are the most well-conceived 3D figures I've seen in 3D figure art, somewhere between heavy metal, fantasy and Marvel characters. I really look forward to see them in a story. His current project already spans a few pages, and the scenes look flippin nice. 

My home-slice and Lali's biggest fan Apocalypse (or as Lali calls him: Appleclips) is also working his butt of training himself in the art of 3DX, and man that dude is on an insane learning curve. His talent is original and funny stories, with good dialog. Keep an eye on this fella, because he'll put all our asses to shame in the near future. Check his blog out (and tell him to start using Poser!!)


While I'm at it, I just wanna do a little shoutout to a website that is less known in 3DX. If Renderotica and Affect3D are world-famous discotheques, Art of Darkness (AoD) would be the little fun pub down the road to go to afterwards. AoD is a lesser known website / forum with a small dedicated community that regularly post fun, experimental and daring 3DX. I mostly hang out on the main image gallery. The site is sometimes quiet, but sometimes explodes to life with humoristic render challenges that last for months. The philosophy behind AoD is "to create an environment where adult art can be enjoyed with as few restrictions as possible". Although its not my thing, for those that are into it, they have an 'xtreme' section where you can find plenty of examples of the darker side of 3DX art (be warned, not for the faint-hearted). Despite that, a lot of the art there is actually fairly gentle and fun, with an entire thread dedicated to 'Clothed and Sexy' images that started back in 2012!

Hieronymous, the big man behind Art of Darkness just started a new website called Snuffbox, a website dedicated to very dark 3DX. Snuffbox is updated regularly with content. Apart from Articles and Blogs on various topics there are currently around 60 comicbooks, 20 games (written in Unity, AGS, and 001), 20 movies, and various one-off images up on the site. However, it's worth pointing out that it's very dark very niche subject matter, and won't be to most people's tastes. 


Erogenesis news

Project E

This is definitely still on! Like you guys might have seen on DA, I recently redid the base mesh. I need to redo the arms and shins and part of the abdomen, but for the rest I think its a go. I learned a lot along the way. I hope PE will feature in the Disco Dragon. I'm going to keep a little more quiet about it, but trust me, this is getting done!

Lali Lite: Disco Dragon 

The comic is in full swing as well. I already made the entire disco location and just need to furnish the VIP section ;) It is quite a massive set, with an outside street & parking, two dancefloors, three bars, a VIP section, three hallways and a toilet block. It is a mish-mash of my own models and third party vendor stuff. It will star a LOAD of characters, also some you never seen before, but only a portion of them will take part in the fun. All I will tell you about the story is that it will be very VERY naughty!


New girls!

Some of you might have noticed my girls multiplying like bunnies. Some were intentional, others were accidental. Above, with the beer, is Roxanna. Below is Annabelle, the redhead and below that is Mariska. All three are bartenders at the Disco Dragon.


I do have a big tutorial in the oven but its continually being postponed because of my other priorities. But it is coming some time hopefully soon! It will be about Posing, expressions, character building, scene setup, lighting, materials, Poser basics, etc...

Lali's Bits Blues

I've seen a one or two people complaining about Lali's Bits here and there on the internet, that it has "TOO MANY DIALS" and impossible to work with etc. Thankfully most folks seem to be enjoying it. But if you're having trouble, or if your worried about buying it, what i can say is, like the manual and the product description warn you, yes it can be complex if you need it to be. Like I recently told someone on dA, Lali's Bits is like a real woman: 

the more you demand from her, the more dials you'll have to tweak

You must remember that you're simulating a live woman, made of flesh and fat that warps and bulges this way and that, especially around her private parts, and even more so when you wanna insert huge things in both her holes! That's going to take some patient work. Also, if you use FBMs that warp the genital area shape away from the original V4 shape, yeah things might get very complex. I usually just make a copy of the FBM with the morph editor and just 'restore' the hip area, like I did with GND.

So, if you're having trouble, please be patient, the Bits can sort it out for you, but the crazier your wishes, the more tweaking you'll need to do. Many artists seem to be happily playing around with it, so unless your demands are really crazy, you should be able to as well. Remember, this is a tool made by an artist, for artists. Please enjoy it!

Will Project E be as complex? Again, it depends on what you want. The regular body movements and stuff will be like any other V4, but yeah, between her legs will still be true to a lady. I need to make a massive disclaimer saying: warning, behaves like real woman: LOTS of dials, LOTS of options... anything is possible. Off course, if you don't need it, you won't need to inject all those options.

Just a reminder for new Bits customers: 

  1. if the pussy glows, like with older Poser systems, go to the advanced material editor and remove the link to the alternate diffuse and connect to the main diffuse.
  2. if you have strange nipples, for some reason one of the areola fixes was defaulted to 0.5. So set that to 0.
  3. if the jaw doesn't open with the mouth, you can program the jaw to move along yourself using dependencies. Next to the dial of 'open mouth' there's a little arrow, there you can edit dependencies. You press start and it will record what you do. Don't move anything else, just the lowerjaw. Make sure the gadgets sees you set the lowerjaw at 0 Xrotation with he dial at 0, and then at 30 Xrotation with the dial at 1. Then press stop! Don't forget to press stop!!!!!!!
  4. for the rest, read the manual! There's a lot you'll miss otherwise!


  1. thanks for the shoutout bro and good luck on the comic ;)

    1. no probs dude! thanks, and you too!

  2. Well, of _course_ I haven't heard word 1 from Rendo about a Lali Lite 2 update. (Though I thought the original release was pretty perfect.) Whose cage do we have to kick to get them to let us grab the newly revised files?

    1. you're kidding? Ok I'll get right to it.

      Can you check your spambox in the meanwhile?, Rotica emails tend to land in there sometimes.

      (thanks btw!)

  3. Checked the spambox before I wrote you. The reset arrived on August 28 -- suspiciously just after I contacted you and you contacted them. All good now, though. And the set is great. Really love the new cinematic technique, and hope you keep using it (Far easier to read on a standard computer screen than "regular" comics -- and just a step away from animation, which I suppose you might consider, now.)

    In any case, keep up the great work!


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