Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Update Comic & P.E.

Just a small proof of life from me. 

I'm very busy rigging a hybrid version of Project E to temporarily work with in my comics. It is almost fully functional. Even though it has its own head, I'm using V4's head for now until I've sorted out a few other details concerning morphs and textures. Only then can I even think about prepping her for the store. Despite the fact that rigging this girl is tremendously fucking hard (because of differing file format politics and anal-retentiveness of different corporate philosophies; and hopelessly tedious, incomplete and malfunctioning software) I am slowly, SLOWLY, becoming very pleased with the result. 

That's it for now! Here are some pics from the Disco Dragon set.


  1. I never thought I would tell another man this. I want your vag... the new one. The old one I use all the time.

  2. I commented my big response in your Deviant art post, so I won't repeat.

    Although I did leave a comment in a post about Rachel at AOD - Before they bleached their hair. which thought, might be cute. Sort of if Rachel were the sexy clumsy girl, sort of like Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau, you know? Does clumsy shit, and accidentally helps in catching the bad guys.

    Anyways, back to ProE. Wish there were a way to bypass Poser's legal code maze, which would probably run better, faster, and be much more stable.

  3. Absolute filth!........Looking forward to the release of project E :)

  4. I am awaiting Pe lie one awaits the messie. Only, with boobs and pussy.


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