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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

blogging next to a flatulent elephant

So I'm typing this on a tiny netbook, with a large battery, connected by mobile dongle, by solar powered light, smack in the middle of the bush, and next to me is an elephant chewing on some branch and farting through my curtains... and I am writing the scripts and inventories for the next Lali Lite, the 'disco dragon', and the next black desk comic: 'First Times'.

My life is weird.

Anyways, just thought you should know :) I'm in a wildlife park until thursday, the one I used to work in, showing my family around.



  1. don't stay too long by the elephant, or your black desk comic will be renamed: "fart times" :P
    have fun with your family

    1. hahaha, or Lali will be running around with a peg on her nose! thanks, I did!

  2. Indeed funny. I remeber that as a kid seeing a documentary of a tiny native dude crawling into an elephant through its ear then crawled out of its ass, which as I recall freaked me out.

    1. lol, I cannot decide which would be worse, crawling in his ear and out of his ass, or in his ass and out of his ear!

  3. Do...*not* light up a cigarette, cigar, candle or anything with a live flame. We'd hear the blast all the way from our homes!

    1. hahaha. My netbook still smells of elephant fart!


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