Saturday, 12 July 2014

Erogenesis and deadlines don't mix

So you'd think I'd have learned my lesson with the first Lite huh? Nope. I must stop setting deadlines for myself, I actually work faster without them! I get embarrassed and go quiet. Bad ero! I slapped together a similar comic for myself and my girlfriend in two weeks 
straight after 'Gentleman's Club'. But then again I don't have as high standards for myself as I do your you guys! :D thus: no more deadlines, just creative outbursts!

This new Lite is crazy. I have no idea what you'll think, I have yet to show my testers. I am 10 renders away from finishing.
 I know for sure you won't be surprised why it took so long to render when you'll see the comic. Like I said elsewhere, you'll declare me insane :D I declared myself insane years ago. Its fun! 

But yeah, one might ask why I make so much of an effort when I could also just make a simple picture series. Weeeell... erogenesis don't do that... and besides, that's been done to death! But that private comic I made for myself and my girlfriend made me realize that I made my own ideal comic: the difference was the format and the flow. You'll see what I mean soon enough. This is how I would wanna see an erotic comic... this is what I would pay money for. A proper immersive erotic story, with very detailed action going. But this private comic was very small in format. The one for you is a LOT bigger!

...and unfortunately it does take time to render haha, on crappy African desktop office PCs... thus, like mentioned elsewhere, I've gotten utterly bored of waiting on renders and upgraded my processing power. I'm just waiting on the shipment now. The new machines will have better graphics cards on them too, which will make posing and such a more pleasurable experience (still annoyed how selecting a limb in Poser can be excruciating in a full scene!!). I'm also re-arranging stuff in my personal life, giving myself a bit more of a healthy sleeping pattern and proper food haha. Man I've been working nearly non-stop since 2012, with the odd holiday off course, but sometimes working for 48 hours straight. Madness! 

You might also have noticed I've been posting less and less nude and sex on Rotica, AoD and dA. Well, ever since I introduced Christina, I realized what the power of curiosity can do. Xtina hasn't shown much of herself, except for the odd boobflash, but Xtina is probably more popular than Lali!!! But it could also just be that Christina is mega cute or something...? I do also confess I don't wanna be seen as just 
SEX PORNO SEX PORNO FUCKING SEX but rather as an erotic artist, with all the associated subtleties... and yes eventually a proper fucking :D So instead of coming with the prize first, I'm going to let you wait for it, and slowly undress them, for you :D Off course the pressure will be on me to make it worth the wait, but hey, I accept the challenge hihi. 

But not too worry I'm not going completely chaste on you guys. I do have a very naughty surprise in store that I'll begin posting on my favourite 3DX site for free after this comic.

anyway BLABLABLA... onwards


  1. Hmmm, I sympathize as much as I can with your plight, and anxiety of finishing hefty complex renders, and comics. Although I have to ask, am I the only person (whose inner male enjoys action/suspense) wanting to see the next chapter of Lali Adventures? I want to see Lali outsmart crime boss overlords, and international criminals. I feel as if she needs to get her street creds back. I really miss seeing Lali in action (other than sex) an that whole CIS, counter intelligence aspect. Anyways....*humbly crawls back into hole, ducks, waving white flag*. I sincerely have the best of intentions.

    1. hehehe no dude I'm with you! I've been wanting to get on with it since 2013. In fact I've decided to start doing two comics at the same time once my machines are here. Part of what could be taking so long is that I get flat-out bored of doing one comic at a time. I often setup other comics on my spare PC while I am waiting for renders, but I'd love to just blast ahead and make other stuff. Also, I think for the adventure series I'm going to place less emphasis on the sex scenes and more on the story and action scenes, although not less explicit. Lali Lites will probably be for the full on sex detailed scenes.


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