Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lali Lite 2... :O

... and OBVIOUSLY I am delayed hehe!! But I'm real happy with the quality of this comic, its pretty friggin cool if I may say so. The one thing I'm a bit nervous about is the new format and style. Trust me, its a little different than what you've seen before. But the idea is to get you more engaged with what's happening in the story, whether its a conversation or just downright fucking. 

Problem is I've jacked up the render quality pretty high and every single render has DOF (and because there are a tonne of renders, true to Erogenesis style) its taking a little longer than expected. But I'm at 80% now, its going a lot faster than the first Lali Lite. 

Anyway, at the end there are some purposefully tiny and blurred previews to give you an idea of what's happening :)

So while I'm waiting for the renders to trickle in, I've been fucking around with other props and scenes on my slow PC in preparation for future comix!!! whoohoo. Check below. You can also keep track of my shit over at Deviant Arts (check on the right), Art of Darkness and Renderotica.

Project E will resume development right after this comic btw, and will hopefully be featured in the next comic as a test.

(PS: I don't know what the entire fuck happened to the blogger polling widget but they just seem to have died. It seems to be a problem that they've been trying to fix for weeks now :P)

Lali does go to Africa so a scene with elephants is possible (this elephant does need work though)

Future Lali Lites will involve Rachel and bicycles hehe

When dealing with corrupt African businessmen, a golden Rolls and AK would not be uncommon

I now also have a comic planned called: "Lali goes to Monte Carlo" hehehehe ;)

One of the next Black Desk comics will involve a raid, including the comic 'First Times'

Obviously, erogenesis is also known for goofing around a lot. Here I was privileged to use and abuse the characters of artists like DarkSeed, Apocalypse and KristinF (links pending), in tribute to our biggest fan, Bugs!

And suddenly this appeared in my Poser scene!!! Now who the fuck is that?????

And finally, you've already seen a few, but Lali does need a few cars for her job at Black Desk.

ANYWAY, here's some naughty little previews of the comic in the making hehehe




  1. I love the overdose of details in your works :D You know I am a sucker for the "little details" don't you?
    Also, 10/10 for Lali's "Laura Ingalls" hairstyle combined to her Rainbow attire. How did Tom Clancy never think of hiring a Lali in his books? Beats me.

  2. Aw come one, is everybody dead or at the beach?


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