Thursday, 1 May 2014

Two years of Lali

Yes yes fans! Lali has been around for 2 years already, causing mischief, flaunting her bits, breaking hearts... but she's also grown in that time, improved, had different hairstyles, etc. Check it if your interested:

A little over two years ago, I was still walking around wildlife parks tracking, monitoring and saving rhinos and elephants from poachers. As our project was ending I needed to find another job. I went back to my home town and took a few months off, think about my options. 

One day in 2011 when I was looking for info on something with Poser while making a simple videoclip for one of my girlfriends, I stumbled across Renderotica. I had seen it before but never really understood what it was about. None the less I thought, hey, I can also do this! So like you all probably already know I emailed Diane and later on Andrew from Renderotica, she said cool, he said cool, I said cool, andrew said: dude make comics, I said ok... so there I went.

So I checked out what was out there. Now I just came fresh out of a semi-military training environment, where gun-safety and maintenance is like a religion, and weapons training was like brushing your teeth in the morning. We're talking cleaning, target practice, running courses. We obviously did other things like tracking poachers and animals, lots of photography etc. So anyway when I saw all those babes walking around with disproportionately large weapons and dual wielding automatic rifles, or just being completely unsafe... I was like, nooooooooooooo! Hey, force of habit...

Also, I saw there were so many bloody fucking barbies being used, totally unrealistic or just mundane lifeless figures, and I really couldn't relate to them at all, and IMO that's kindof the point of erotica... not? I think maybe that's why I never got into 3DX before, because I rarely saw something I could relate to.

So I thought: you know what, fuckit, I'm going to make the CUTEST chick ever, with pudge, smiles, mischief... and she's going to show ya'lls asses how to handle guns safely! eh... well sorta then...

Lali actually started out as Laila, who looked a lot like a girlfriend of mine with a similar name. I was making a videoclip for her. I used her as a base and gradually, Lali emerged. Her shapes were all made and adjusted in zBrush and I don't think I used Morph++ at all. Finally whe I came to a nice shape, I exported it as a morph, and since then, that was her shape. There have been minor adjustments, like the size of her eyes, and her boobs. Her pussy went through the most changes, but that had to do more with the development of the bits.

Weapons handling 

With the comic Weapons handling I was a total noob to Poser and could only just figure out how materials worked. Sure I have been farting around in Poser since 2005 but never seriously. As you can see her skin was a bit on the bright side, something I managed to overcome with tedious lighting in the shooting gallery. She was quite a jelly bean. Also, I had bugger all clothing for her and just awkwardly fitted some items from some of the P8 characters to her. 

But two of the biggest feats of the first comic, was her hair, and her bits. First of all, the hair was a prop I modelled completely from scratch, with layers and fluff and such. It could morph in any way I wanted. Secondly the bits that have taken the world of 3DX by storm. Back then they were still very basic and could only accommodate for forward and sideways movements. 

Also with that comic, I had pretty mich modelled all the props myself, including the gallery itself, the water bottles on the shelves and the Sig P226 in her hand.

Obviously, I began getting questions about her bits and morphs, and briefly considered putting Lali's character in the store...


Then with CODE 10 I started to learn more about lighting and materials and finally made her some clothes using... get this: the V4 mesh! yeah, those jeans there is an export of the V4 hips and legs! Same with the top. By then het JCMs had improved and I could now also rotate her legs to intermediate angles between forward and sideways. The vaginal opening was still a challenge though as the angle of the legs would contort the morphs there. Her hair had improved slightly. Her eyebrows were somewhat of an item with certain critics, and therefore I decided to accentuate them even more hehehe... well sort of then.

(look at her PC screen, that's my facebook page haha. I leave a lot of small funny hints and easter eggs lying around my comics, especially on computer screens. In CODE 10 and in the Lali Lite, there were lots of tongue-in-cheek references to Poser and DAZ figures, and in Morgan's office were some funny picture frames. I wonder how many people spot all of these things...)

I made a big effort in getting some sense of believability in the progression of the story, either through dialogue or through the action, concentrating on Lali's expressions and on the Russian's physiological reaction to the trauma inflicted by Lali. The theme was basically: hey, you want a girl with guns, THIS is what that would probably look like.

One of the challenges of CODE 10 was not just Lali, but also the russian, on who I needed to make wounds that were 'bleeding'. So that was my first encounter with masking and layering in Poser materials. Yet again, the entire office, the hotel room, and almost all the props in the comic were made my me!

By this time people were already getting extremely eager to get hold of the bits, but they weren't quite finished.

Around this time, Lali appeared for the first time in a live session with Renderotica fans, called the 'Lali Webcam chats', and even went out on a date with one of them (Cortezemo). For that date I modelled the Komi Restaurant in Washington, a place that actually exists!!!! It was hilarious.

The Route

The route was actually partly a big response to critics that complained that my sex scenes were too simple and that my style was a little too rough. I therefore paid much more attention to render quality, postworking, props, the scene, the men in the comic, and off course, Lali herself. I also put myself into a higher gear regarding action, the storyline and her backstory. Basically I just wanted to shock.

I put a LOT of effort into her boss, Morgan, and Mr. Wallace, the well hung dude in her dream. I went completely overboard and modelled the entire landscape of the dream using satellite imagery, the vegetation, and then I modelled the CQB center, her outfit and her pigtails. the only things I did not model were the weapons. 

I also turned up the heat in the sex scenes and the flirting. I gave her a bunch of new morphs to allow for detailed oral sex, vaginal sex and finally also anal sex, which is exceptional because I am not into that stuff at all. Her legs now had a lot more freedom and her vaginal openings dynamically adjusted according to the angle of the legs. And thus because of all those developments, I felt I was ready to release Lali's Bits... but that wasn't as easy as I thought!

The Lali's Bits Hiatus and AOD!

During the madness of preparing the Lali's Bits injection, much to the help of heroes like Ken Miller and Poison, I didn't have the mental space to sit down and also do a comic. 

Instead our good man TexBoy1231 invited me over to a place called Art of Darkness. Very quickly the guys over there adopted Lali and in response, Lali started to come alive. A set of renders showing Lali in full clothing sparked off a 'Sexy With Clothing' thread that lasted for almost two years, and is still drawing renders!!!! 

Then she want on an epic date with TexBoy, the man that started it all. that thread alone forced me to model a thai restaurant, her car, an entire street in Maynard, USA; a wooden cabin in the snow, with interior! and it even involved a bunch of characters from AoD itself! it ended in a nice FMM session in front of the fire!

Recently another thread exploded when they were trying to get Lali into a Harem, with hilarious consequences such as the destruction of a street in Maynard, a dance number with marines, and the deployment of the imperial star fleet. In this thread many artists contributed. It was hilarious, go see.

But 2013 at AoD solidified Lali's character for good, and proved herself to be a relentlessly mischievous brat that could wrap just about any dude around her finger... hey, I barely have control over her, and that's not a joke. Half the time I don't think about how she'd react, it just happens!

It also helped me improve my modelling skills and got some great critiques from some great artists there. Lali's JCMs improved dramatically during that period too, also details like her neck tendons and chin fat bulges, and I started experimenting with new hairstyles. I adapted a Kozaburo hair prop to morph along with her movements.

But despite the fact that Lali grew up on AoD where you could say all her 'uncles and aunties' are, her 'parental' home is still with the Roticians, who supported her with the first comics, and Andrew who saw my potential, and gave me the first kick in the ass.

Lali Lite: The Gentlemen's Club

As compensation for missing Lali and her adventures, I made an extra long and extra crazy comic called 'Lali Lite: The Gentlemen's Club', the pilot comic for a new style of Lali comics that involves mainly Lali mischief and antics, or stories about her friends.

I started the comic like all the others, modelling EVERYTHING myself. But I soon realised I needed to make sacrifices because it was just slowing me down. I started to BUY content... whoo! Off course I have bought content before, plenty of it too, but I never really allowed myself to let them take central stage. I hate it when people go, hey, isn't that such and such's prop... ugh. Shut up and concentrate on the story, its not a catalogue! Luckily the great KristinF showed me the way, where to buy stuff and what was available. If there's one person that knows what's cooking in the 3D scene, it's her!

So finally I started mixing third party content into my comics, but I doubt some of you would recognise any of it, because I changed a LOT of the props, and even cut them up in max. Still, Lali's outfit is built from scratch. Het jeans, top, sweater, All-stars and her backpack. 

The comic also features a bunch of new characters like her sister Laila and her best friend Julie. Next to that there are also appearances by future characters like Christina (who already seems to have followers) and her sister Rachel and the Canadian Michelle. there were also a few cameo's by other artists in the form of characters of artwork hanging on the walls.

The result was an over-the-top crazy comic almost 200 pages long with the longest most complicated sex-scene I've EVER posed, namely an orgy with three Lali System V4s and four M4's spanning over 150 pages or something. Man that was a killer!


As some of you might have noticed, the second Lali Lite is already in progress. I am being relatively quiet about it bacause I've decided I work faster in secret hehehe. But this Lali Lite will truly be lite, and will feature a new format that I might stick to for the Lits series, if the reception is positive. 

Then there's Project E. Despite Genesis' popularity, I cannot say I feel the need to migrate to Genesis, partly because my V4 platform is working fine, also ALL my characters are V4, and I'm also expecting Genesis 3, 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 very soon. Perhaps also Corinthians 1, or Exodus 1... (well, we all know they want an exodus, don't we?). So if I have to migrate to a new figure, it better be a stayer like V4, because I don't wanna have to migrate every time some company needs to make a profit.

Thus Project E, ok but let me say this: it already exists, it moves and looks near identical to V4, and I even have Lali prepped for her, but MUCH still needs to be done. Maybe you've already been looking at her, but I just didn't tell you. All I will say is: its coming, but it's not a major priotity just yet. I don't want to kill myself over it like I did with Lali's Bits. I want to develop this properly.

Anyway, all in all, thank you for all your support and comments and complements the last two years, and Lali, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh and I've put up a sale for those interested. 30% off all my shit on Rotica, and a nice bundle deal that includes the upcoming Lali Lite!!



  1. M16A1? FA or three round burst? In either case I had to show my wife the photo... :D

    1. AR15 A1 I think, probably older than me! Was donated to the local government by the US for wildlife park Law Enforcement way back in 19-footsack...

      ... hehehe what'd she think?

  2. It has been fun watching your evolution through a grounds up fresh perspective with enthusiasim, and energy that comes out through Lali.
    I can't deny admiring her many ASSets.
    I was wondering if or why you hadn't bothered selling some of your original scene props. Your comics make a great way to showcase them. Perhaps a collective package of some sort that isn't too much an exact copy of your stuff.

    1. thanks man
      yeah I have been thinking about it, its just that slapping a package together is really tedious. I use a lot of textures from all over the place so I'll have to figure out what was mine and what wasn't. Plus the submission process is tedious as hell. But I might try and streamline it in future

  3. Congratulations, Happy Anniversary and Bravo Good Sir!! You have turned the Poser/Daz world on it's head and made people and vendors rethink what really is needed in the arena. And for that I amongst others really do applaud you for taking the time to work your magic.

    1. hehe really??? Thanks man. I hear people say this or that about the influence I have but I rarely have feedback about it. To be honest I have no idea what effect I'm having, I know I have fans (and I am indebted to you all!!!), but I see evidence of folks hating me, and I have no idea what it all means. Maybe for the better... but I do know that there's a fair bunch of people that love Lali and like my comics.

  4. Congrats on two years of sharing great work! Has it really been that long? Seems like no time at all, and yet, it seems like Lali has been with us forever.

    Very excited about the new set, too, and only mildly disappointed that those coming to the show "late" get a break by buying it all in a bundle. Still, whether at discount or not, I'll be grabbing the new Lali Lite right away. Can't wait!

    Congrats again! Keep up the good work!

    1. thanks!! hehe yeah its been an abstract ride for me to say the least! I'd love it if there was some CGI Erotica Con or something where we could all meet up, I've never met any of you guys or my artist friends! Would be so cool!

      Hehe yeah, I wanted to set up something for my long time fans but was real hard to get that going through the store process. But don't worry, I'll sort something out for you ;)

      Thanks again, I'm also excited about the new lite!


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