Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Portraits, dA, the next comic, and CGI

Hey guys, just a little update from me. I'm full-on busy with the next Lali Lite but at the same time I do have time to muck around with other things like these black and white portraits of all my ladies. There's just two missing, Michelle and Amanda (redhead), who still need work.

For those who haven't noticed, I've signed up over at Deviant Arts a few months ago and been posting like crazy over there (you can see the gallery on the right side of this blog... if it works). Deviant Arts is a lot of fun and it has a massive audience. It's not as prude as I expected it to be, I can post quite sexy stuff, but just not sex... or basically, porno. I'm ok with that because I have my comics and Renderotica for the sex stuff.

And btw I'm probably going to start using the label 'CGI Erotica' instead of '3DX'. Correct me if I'm wrong but the label 3DX has more to do with pornography than what I do (as in just about sex). I'm not saying that porno is bad haha, hail porno! I just don't stick to the porno format. With the new title I am deviating even more from it, going more towards classical erotic fiction. I also think the 'CGI' label is a little bit more recognisable for newcomers, and perhaps less intimidating than XXX SEX PORNO association haha. And to be honest, i.m.H.o the 3D label is perhaps slightly misguiding, because once I'm done rendering, its just 2D. It might be a minor detail but with the upcoming popularity of 3D viewing technology in porn, things could get confusing. Anyway, this is all still beta.

Cheers for now. Oh and check below for a wallpaper of Sen and the Dragon


  1. Last pic reminds me of the final scene in the Skyrim "real actors" trailer :)
    "...and perhaps a figure" ? :3 I want to know more! :p


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