Monday, 7 April 2014

Aaaaaand I'm back... sort of then...

Hey peeps, sorry for the long silence. I literally ignored my inbox for a week or so. I was completely burnt up from all the non-stop work on the comic and other things... plus the malaria nailed me proper!

Thanks to everyone who bought the latest comic 'The Gentlemen's Club', people seem to really be enjoying it! 

Anyway, I'm gradually getting back into it and preparing story lines and scenes for future comics, Lali Lites and Black Desk adventures alike. Her Black Desk adventures will take her to Senegal and Sierra Leone to get involved with corrupt business men and politicians, some of whom have very exotic love lives... something Lali could fit into quite easy, or do I mean 'fit into' Lali? Here are some concept pictures! :)

Anyway, I am also playing around with Project E, so who knows, the next comic might show her secrets. I'm taking it very easy from now on, and I'm going to try and stop announcing all sorts of deadlines and making all sorts of promises. I am too fucking eager sometimes, and as a result I wear myself out! Ahh!

As for the next comics, I was wondering which comic you guys wanted to read first? I have three choices below:

The Disco Dragon

The first one is 'The Disco Dragon' where all the girls where planning on going the night after the 'Gentlemen's Club' episode. Lali, Laila, Julie, Christina, Rachel and perhaps a few others hang out there and get naughty with some boys and some of the girls even go further. But Lali is on a mission to get Christina laid, will she manage? And with who?

The Secrets of Professor Brown

Second is 'The Secrets of Professor Brown'. As you see in 'The Gentlemen's Club' Lali gets into a shitload of trouble with professor brown, and the nature of his initial 'lashing out' at her makes Lali suspect that he has a shady side to him. So she goes to find out. Together with one of her girlfriends, she finds out more about this side of him, and obviously accidentally gets involved!!!

First Times

The third is 'First Times' where Lali makes a mandatory visit to the psychologist to assess her on her psychological health. In that session she explains in detail how her 'first time' went, and more. The meeting gets broken up when the local police force asks for assistance in a local hostage situation, and Lali gets called in too as a surveillance tech. The mission seems to progress well, but this wouldn't be a Lali Adventure if everything just goes wrong...

So I'm just curious what you'd like to see. I'm also asking around in other places, they might have a different choice.

Ok now to my inbox...

Which comic do you want me to do first? free polls 


  1. Go Disco go Disco go!
    Glad to see that your nurse was up to the task, mate ^_~

  2. I hope Lali Lite is doing well. I know the feeling of over exhausting myself to finish something, and feeling underwhelmed by public responce.
    On the one hand you're not doing it all for them, then on the other what would you expect of them, and would it really be satisfying?
    Not meaning to get all philisophical, but I've always felt the energy of the journey, the battle is more fun than the final resolution. Another day another fight.


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