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Monday, 28 April 2014

3DX means extreme sex?

So this dude emails me with a question: he is puzzled why the hell I bother making 3D erotic comics about vanilla meat-and-potatoes sex, while there's already so much of that available in the regular porn industry. His argument was that with 3DX, you have the means to go extreme, like double-penetration or triple-penetration sex scenes with trolls and monsters, or giant schlongs or that hentai tentacle stuff going inside every hole of some polished barbie with basketball tits, and that just regular hanky-panky is a waste of time in 3D animation. He almost sounded religious about it. Thankfully, he allowed me to share this on my blog.

Ok so obviously, I begged to differ... by his reasoning, we are bound by duty to exploit all new forms of media to the absolute max, regardless of storytelling, insight, believability, amusement, composition, subtlety... it would be the same as saying why did Herge limit himself to the realm of the real world and not give Tintin supercomputers, SciFi weaponry, time-machines and driving Ferraris? and why did Albert Uderzo limit himself to Gaul in the Roman times when Asterix and Obelix could've been fighting spectacular dragons and orcs alongside Odin? And why did he make Asterix such a tiny fucker when he should've made him look like Crixus, with rippling pecs and bouldering biceps? Why did Fred Quimby limit himself to pots, hunting shotguns, bear traps and pianos when he could've exploited his animating skills and made Tom and Jerry kick the shit out of each other in mecha-suits with miniguns and hydra rocket pods... oh wait, they probably did haha...

Because new technology opens doors, doesn't mean they MUST be opened. There is such a thing as being nuanced. 3D computer graphics is IMO just another tool to use to tell a story, like the pens that Herge used. But what about the other doors that 3D CG opens?

Think about this, what if you want to make a porno, or an erotic comic, but you cannot afford the porn stars? Or the sets, or the camera equipment? For me 3DX opens other doors, and in my opinion, more compelling doors: namely I can avoid the cost of live porn stars, or better yet, I can work with quality actors because most porn stars are CRAP actors, and most porn directors are not any better either. Off course the quality of the actors in your 3DX is only as good as you are at posing them, but at least you have more control over them. You can also cross over styles a little easier that way, and make more believable and amusing stories in combination with proper in-your-face sex scenes, something that is rare in the porno industry.

Now I am also not saying that you shouldn't go extreme, duh. Nor am I saying that it is bad or that it sucks. There is some very good monster sex art out there by guys like The Merovingian, MongoBongo, and Blackadder to name a few. In fact I myself have a monster sex comic planned, and it might even be more extreme than some other monster sex comics out there (check the posters below, and this post). But it makes no sense to say that there's no point in 3DX without trolls or gollems fucking F-cupped barbie dolls. That's a bit, ehm, daft. The dude kindof agreed in the end, and we concluded that he's just a VERY big fan of monster sex. Nothing wrong with that.


  1. I really could not agree more Ero! We can do extreme whenever we want, but that doesn't mean we have to do every image like that! I love a bit of alien and monster sex but I also love making other genres.

    1. yep, it all has a time and a place!

  2. You are totally right.
    Some followers of my blog said that they are gratefull that I am not only doing monster sex, but some regular sex with just fantasy figures.
    Porn is about imagination and fantasy. Sometimes you simply imagine that you have sex with your beloved game character. Sometimes you fantasy is easy as that, and that's totally fine.
    As you said, the doors can be opened, but don't have to :)

    1. indeed, that's what it is, a depiction of one's fantasies, using cameras, pencils, or software, and can be as vanilla or extreme as anyone wants!

  3. Being a hardcore fan of hentai materials, I have come to certain conclusions. The thing that's missing the most in occidental erotica nowadays is a sense of humour. It's one of the things i am very glad to find in your art, Ero. As for the over-the-top stuff this guy mentionned, I would say... "Hello? done, done and done again." We've seen dino sex, robot sex, tentacle sex (wiggle, wiggle) even grey alien sex. The thing is, usually, artists will just slap a theme (space, monster, mad scientist) onto the concept of sex and won't develop much further.
    In the end, what makes good erotica might just be the proper use of a context and well-developped character in said context. You "feel" the naughty moments so much more when you grow attached to the characters! Also, I think that with "extreme" material, there is such an escalation that sometimes it becomes plain horrible. I've seen some artists go from porn to snuff, just because they were pushing the thing farther and farther. Shock and sex don't always go well together.

    1. "You "feel" the naughty moments so much more when you grow attached to the characters!"

      you cannot be more right Simon, and that's the thing I'm trying to exploit to the max. For me, a fantasy becomes more intense, more exciting, and thus more erotic, the more believable and realistic it is. But there is a balance, too realistic could be just as distracting as too far-fetched, so basically I try to depict the 'perfect moment', like a moment with a girl where everything went 'just right', but still feels delicate... we've all had those at some point I'm sure!

      And yep, like you say, most of it has all been done before, and bloody hell, there's a lot of repetitive stuff out there. I hope to make my monster sex comic convincing, where the escalation towards the deed(s) is believable, and perhaps even thrilling.

  4. SHAME ON YOU for not exploring the world of giant disproportionate bosoms, giant monster cocks, and body parts most humans do not have.
    Personally I'm not a fan of giant breasts filled with some kind of industrial factory made substance, but that's just me. Fake shit really tends to turn me off but perhaps I'm the oddity, I don't know.
    I tend to believe fake shit leads to more fake shit, and so on. Where you're trying to out do yourself until it becomes so over the top that not even the sounds of the Three Stooges could bring it back to reality. Just so ridiculous that why bother?
    Porn on its own tends not to deal with reality enough as it is. Women that never complain about menstrual cramps, never not in the mood, never a dude blowing his load too soon, and having to wait 20 minutes to reload.
    Every have drunk sex, and the girl vomits all over the place? Hardly romantic, or pleasant I promise you. I remember comedians used to make fun of porn calling it:“Shit that never happens in reality.”
    People don't go to a dentist, and 15 minutes later its an orgy.
    I tend to believe porn is already way out there, and bringing it back to reality in my humbled opinion is what demands clever creativity.

    1. haha yeah, what am I doing with all these pudgy NORMAL women???

      Oh if you're into petit boobies, you're in for a treat. The comic 'Impulse' is getting rendered now and its soooo fakking erotic that its giving me a hard time... pun intended...

      I have the same with a lot of the 3DX out there, that I cannot relate to it, unless there's some element about it that is compelling. Miro's Girlfriends 4 Ever had that, I was so fascinated by the technical execution of it, and it did have some Freudian effects on me hihi

      Hey, you're giving me ideas haha! A lot of sexual encounters have funny shit going on too, like falling off the bed, or even breaking the bed! Drunk sex is a lot of fun though, just giggling the whole time. That is also something to never see in 3DX: laughing girls. Have you ever fucked a girl while she was laughing her ass off? you can feel her laughing down there, and that my friend, I find MEGA erotic.

  5. I really enjoyed this post Ero, all of that extreme 3DX your querent spoke of has little to no appeal to me personally, because it is highly over exaggerated and just plain unrelated to my particular tastes for fantasy. For instance I really want to start doing a 3D comic that is more based on erotica that I read as an adolescent rather than actual gratuitous nudity and sex. I still plan on having plenty of that in there but more focus and emphasis on what leads up to it and it would be mostly a fairytale medieval setting because it is what I know and love best, nothing at all like the latest "giant breasted bimbo gets captured by clan of giant schlong orcs".

    1. yeah I really enjoy the prelude to erotic moments, and if done well, could be just as, or even more erotic. The anticipation of sex can be just as thrilling as sex itself. You talk about the erotica you read back then, and I remember few days back I realised how I read those erotic novellas and short stories by authors like Anais Nin. They weren't half as graphic but DAMN they were very arousing, the way the story developed and also the whole vibe and setting. It all adds to the eroticism. Now that's something I'm also kindof striving for


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