Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Disco Dragon... and the new girl

Considering the response up until now on this poll, I thought it might be best to start getting the set together of the next comic, 'The Disco Dragon' wherein Lali tries to get Christina laid when they go out at night. The 'Disco Dragon' is one of those maze-like pub-come-discotheque which has various levels. A pub in front, dance club in the back, with a drum n bass section and a VIP section. Here are some test renders of the place.

And then there's Maria, you've seen a version of her in a previous render. I'm not entirely sure about this character though because she looks almost identical to one of my friends so I'm a little worried I might get in shit for it, but I'm going to ask her if she has a problem with it. Needless to say she's hot as hell, so yeah, I did indirectly get my inspiration from a good source...


  1. Cool. I have, on several occassions created models that looked like people I knew either intentionally, or unintentionally and when confronting the persons, they didn't like the look of the model, or me suggesting it favored them at all. So I gave up on that. From now on I just say it was unintentional, and if it looks like anyone - purely coincidence.
    Although I try hard to make it NOT look as if anyone I know because I don't want to associate that person.

    1. yeah it is tricky, with me it is somewhat unintentional. I am definitely inspired by existing women (because they're just fucking gorgeous) but I generally try to mix up their attributes. Even Lali is to some degree based on a live person, although more in character than in looks. But Maria just has a few very striking attributes that work together too well to make her seem like an exact copy. Thus Maria has been changed a little bit because this version was a little 'too accurate' haha.


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