Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lali Lite 1 reviewed - and other impulses

Check it out, Lali Lite 1, the Gentleman's Club has been reviewed on Affect3D! Go see, leave a comment... and go check out some of the other reviews. Thanks Sol & Miro!

In other news I am working on something fun, it has something to do with some of the pictures of the student house, and about being impulsive! And it's Lali's Birthday soon... 


  1. I put up lotsa stars out there for you :)

    1. hehehe yeah I seem to be needing them huh? I must be doing something interesting to cause such extreme ratings ;)

      thanks dude!

    2. You're doing excellent work, that's what you do! Also with so much to come in the future, you can expect more praise.
      Damn, I just realized: I am awaiting Project E like cultists await Cthulhu. I am that close from sacrificing a virgin! :p


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