Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The longest Disco in History!

I just wanna quickly say, I'm working on the DD3, hard! And in the process I'm setting up the tools and environment for more comics. I really hope I can gain momentum like I did back in 2012.

With the release of the Disco Dragon 3 I'm going to make my return at Renderotica again, with regular posts. (I've been a bit reluctant to post there, I still owe them a TaB update which got swamped because of PE.) I'll also be gradually posting stuff on Tumblr too, both mainstream and sexy. I'm working on compiling all my free series since Art of Darkness to Deviant Art into a Fapware series, or something like that. 

I promise promise promise promise promise no more side-projects anymore. I'm just not cut out for this vendor thing, I hate it. It feels like being a pilot stuck in the hangar fixing engines for other pilots, while all I wanna do is fly myself!! Making stuff for comics is fun, making stuff for commercial use is torture. Compare it to making an omelette for yourself, or for a restaurant. I still do wanna help, I'll probably make some tutorials and I might set up a Poser DIY line at some point, basically unfinished content for experienced Poser users to tinker with and finish for themselves.

Anyway, onwards!!

Check out my new gals, Lexi and Michelle.

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