Thursday, 25 January 2018

Project Evolution is out!

Well she's been out for a while now, ahem. Long story.

As you know I've been working on this project for 4 years now, 2 years if you don't include the first iterations of the project. I wanted it to be an Evolution from V4, but that would have been very difficult to pull off without getting into legal drama with DAZ. So finally with the release of P11 and yet another underwhelming Poser figure, I thought it was time to cut the crap and make a brand new figure entirely from scratch. 

That was 2 years ago, lol.

Anyway, I lot has changed since then, I had to scrap a lot of wild ideas and keep it practical, but the basic idea stayed the same: a detailed, anatomically correct (or as good as), 3D female figure that was designed for Poser. The free Demo gives you the opportunity to see the rig from up close in Poser and also gives you an introduction to the figure (available at CGbytes and Renderosity). If you like what you see you can get the Early Edition at CGbytes. The Early Edition is actually a kind of test run for Evolution, and so far it seems that people are happy. So the Official Edition will be done soon and will hopefully be released at both CGbytes and Renderosity simultaneously (not yet confirmed though). Dates pending.

The Official Edition (or Final Edition) is basically the same as the Early Edition, but with a few more details added. Anyone that has bought the Early Edition from CGbytes will get automatically upgraded to the Official one (you don't need to buy it again). 

Lessons learned? If you ever want to make your own figure, allow me to give you some advice: keep your ambitions to a bare minimum, don't share too many of your ideas, don't get too many people involved, and don't mix business with creativity, especially if you're in the process of discovering how to do something. Creative projects like this have their own set of challenges, marketing is a totally different animal. They don't mix! Wait until you've completed the figure before you start making business plans. Because the moment you start telling people what it is that you hope to achieve before your project is complete, some eager folks might start making plans, which is cool, but they end up getting disappointed because everything has changed, and you end up getting blamed. Creativity is not something that follows a set path, especially when using tools that have limitations. You will cut corners and end up making decisions to get things done, and that will change the initial plan of the project. Creativity needs to be free to be done right. Business comes in once you actually have something to sell. Remember that and you will avoid any awkwardness and everyone will be happy.

(addendum: also do your business deals yourself. Don't expect others to do it.)

So, therefore: I am not going to say a thing about a male version. All I will perhaps say is that I need it for my own comics. 

Speaking of which, from now on, it will probably be just comics. I need to recover from all this and get this blog sorted out. I'll be back to normal soon. In the meanwhile, check out my Deviant Art page and Gallery. LOTS of fun stuff!

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  1. Grats Bro, it has been a long road. Glad its finally happening. Ill be grabbing a copy asap. How are we treating you here in the UK? All good i hope:)


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