Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Light at the end of the tunnel!

Hey fans, peeps, colleagues, boys n girls...

It looks like I'm at a stage with my figure project.e that I can start making plans to wrap this project up. I've had to make a lot of compromises due to an unacceptable lack of options in my platform of choice, something that should've been updated years ago, ahem, but I think I've settled for something that will please some of you. I know it will be very useful to me with my comic work, so it will most likely be of use to at least a few of you out there.

Before I say anything else, to my comic fans, sorry for the delay. Many reasons sparked this sudden push to develop project.e, from Poser coming with yet another meaningless figure, to new renderers, to unhappy poser users, to being broke... but definitely also as I was posing the naughty scenes for the DDpt2 I was forced to fix some small problems that popped up with my current figure I'm using (mesh4) in my comics. So yeah I'm desperate myself for a very good moving, bending, living breathing 3D figure. Mesh 4 is very good, but she has been frankensteined together to work around the bugs Poser kept throwing at me. So she has issues, and I wanna be able to work my comics from now on without such issues.

Now don't worry I won't halt rendering until this version (mesh5) is complete, and now that some of the biggest issues are more-or-less resolved, I'll hopefully be a bit more relaxed and have more energy to speed up my comic production. One thing's for sure, I'm looking forward to this figure finally been done. Its been bugging me for years, literally, and I really hope this inspires SM & Poser to really up their game.

Ok back to p.e. I updated her info page and added a page with more details about the figure and what she's capable of, for your information.

That's it for now! Peace!

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  1. Wow, that shot of her in just jeans looks oh so fine. Them tits, mmmm:D Glad it all seems to be coming together now. Can not wait for her. Any target for release yet or too soon to think about it? Im sold already:)


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