Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Hey guys! Naturally I've been getting loads of comments / questions / messages and emails. Sorry if I don't get to reply to all of them, I hope the information page of project.e is informative enough. if not then leave a question either here or under the specs page for other folks to see.

More spine!

I just succeeded in adding two more bones to her torso without affecting the polygroups of the mesh. This means that she has the same as V4 on the outside (hip-abdomen-chest) but two extra bones on the inside (hip-abdomen-spine1-spine2-chest). This might help vendors convert their V4 content to PE a bit easier, they can use the old PMD file, basically. Plus, her back is now really nice and bendy!

No variation?

One of the common concerns is that e.mesh5 looks identical in all the promo images. Yep that's because she's still in the rigging phase. To those that don't know the procedure, allow me to explain:

There is a certain workflow involved when developing something in 3D (CG), especially something like e.mesh5. This can vary from one modeler to the next, but its generally like this:
  1. Obviously you start with developing the mesh, her base shape.
  2. Then you set up her UV maps (that dictates the way textures wrap around said mesh).
  3. Then you can start installing bones...
  4. ...and telling them how to move the mesh (rigging)
  5. Once she moves nicely, then come the bells and whistles:
    • Morphs / shapes (faces, expressions, body types and shapes)
    • Dynamic morphs or body controls (like squeezing flesh, raising arms)
    • texture variations
And I'm now hopefully nearing the end of the rigging phase. So as you can see I haven't been anywhere near the "bells and whistles" phase.

Bells n Whistles!

Don't worry, they be coming! If there's one thing I've learned from DAZ and all their bloody fucking newsletters and promotions is how to deliver a product: LOADZ OF OPTIONS! And if any of you have Lali's Bits you know I am very capable of that, in fact maybe even too much.

Don't worry about that too however, I do intend to modularize everything so that you can select and buy whatever is relevant for you, in theme packs, personal bundles... You can also be lazy and just buy entire bundles! I don't have a problem with that lol! Here you can see me sharing some of my ideas on RDNA.

So yeah, don't worry. I spent an entire week last year downloading loads of pictures of pinups of pretty girls, fashion models, naked models... not just those skinny anorexic types but also some normal ladies with healthy pudge on their bones, different ethnicities, and I've been looking at them every night om my tablet since then... as men do... ahem. So I've got a fair idea of what I'd like to offer. Of course it would be silly of me not to offer aging morphs, cougars, MILF (ahem). I'll also try do some elves and orcs and lord knows what other fantasy characters. 

Anyway, I hope I won't stumble into any more crazy bugs. One thing that puts my mind at ease is that I have a bunch of guys from RDNA helping me out with rigging and scaling and a lot more. If you're reading this, love you guys! Hi five!
cheers for now!

PS: e.mesh5's eyes have retinas, and they give her red eyes if you shine a flash on them! lol!


  1. Wow, I don't know what else to say other than "this is incredible!"

  2. My main request for morphs, would be a real "flat chest" morph, and some nice muscle definition options (ESPECIALLY in the stomach region!).

    Real flat-chested women do exist! And the muscle options for V4 usually make her very bulky before any real definition is shown.

    Thanks for the updates, looking forward to release!

    1. hehe they do. I know one. Consider it done, remind me though!

    2. Looking forward to release! I have put most plans to the side, waiting on your model. I hope all is well with you, and your progress!

    3. Oh! I forgot to mention that I was hoping for morphs controlling the mouth with sucking, and some decent butt ripple/jiggle options. For science.....of course....

  3. Still alive pal? It's been a while. Looking forward to E and everything else. :-)

  4. My god you are anal with your work! And including myself we would not have it any other way!


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