Friday, 21 June 2013

In the meanwhile...

Hehe, yeah I'm still alive. Sort of taking a break from the madness that was Lali's Bits... but now stooping myself into an even more insane project that might end up being even better than Lali's Bits. We'll see, we'll see. I'll announce it once I have the confidence that it will be worth the fuss. The project is now called Project E (instead of Project V). 


But, in the meanwhile, I bought Poser Pro 2014 and having fun with it in the few hours I've spent on it!!! Yes sir, its not bad at all. It seems to be stable and has many useful gadgets that are perfect for my workflow:

  • Render preview is brilliant, simple, but brilliant
  • the 'frame selected' option is also useful as hell, especially in my cluttered scenes
  • The 'copy morphs from...' function is insanely brilliant (although doesn't work for some master parameters)
  • The 'fitting room' is very very promising and darn useful. I did manage to crash Poser while trying to convert a billion morphs for the original Lali... but then again she's a loaded chick with well over a kajillion morphs and JCMs
  • Lock figure & hand parts... just useful!!
  • Depth of Field (DOF) render time sped up significantly!!!! (thanks knight77)
  • And many other small improvements I forget to mention
the cons IMHO are:
  • the progressive render thing. Can't see the value of that... unless for quick movies or what.
  • Their figures, Rex and Roxie... sorry but they're butt ugly. Rex is less ugly than Roxie, I might even cameo him in my comics hehehe
I haven't forgotten the updates, I should be getting to them this weekend some time.

BTW: I just bought V6. Needless to say I did the whole DSON thing. I cannot say I am excited at all, and that is my most unbiased view! In fact, its the same boring old prudent bubble-butt Victoria rig. Nothing new, just a different body shape. The magic must be this Genesis thing. Now from what I've seen of Genesis is that its very flexible with bodyparts and UV maps and all... but, from what I've seen, humans haven't changed in the last 100,000 years. I'm definitely into humans. So yeah, hm, from Anubis to sexy chick in 1 second, not interested haha. And another thing is, I have my characters, and my taste it too specific that even Genesis will not be able to help me out. Besides, Genesis comes in an application called DS, which is too much of an experimental platform for my likes. Poser is definitely a production workhorse compared. 

In any case, good ol' Lali V4 emanates more sex-appeal than that ho V6! That's what works for me :)

So anyway, here are some renders of me farting around in PP2014 :)

This is the DOF test. Something like 20 mins render?

and some jeans for Lali in the fitting room :)


  1. I don't want to beat a dead horse with V6, but I am indeed glad I've stuck with Poser all of these years.
    I know I'd be pretty mad if I'd solely invested lots of money that is later made obsolete.

  2. Hi Ero :-) ,I admire your work but I disagree about Roxie here. You are right saying ugly out of the box, but she is easy to work with and with afew morphs, she can be beautyful. It doesn't really matter what the base figure looks like, after all your Lali is soooooo different from stock V4 also. To be honest, I never liked V4 very much. She is a Barbie and the empty channel inj-technologie is annoying. The only reason using her were acually "LaliBits" and some new features that came with PoserPro 2012. Her are some of my Roxie- samples for you to look at. All the best - looking foreward hearing from you.

    1. you're actually very very right about that. The original V4 actually also sucks balls and its up to the artist to make of it what he / she wants. You renders are good man!

      Its just that Roxie doesn't exactly come easily out of the box, like with most other figures, she's not entirely inspiring, and essentially not much different from V4 besides some small extras, and is anything but compatible with any other clothes... Its time someone came out with a really good, beautiful, flexible and useful figure that slots right in to what we already have, requiring minimal effort of the user to start using it in scenes and comics (and not one that requires someone to have to migrate to another crazy platform - just in case some Genesis fanatics feel the urge to step in haha).

    2. hmmm, upon closer inspection, to see if I was really being biased, let me say this, what I find good is:

      - her body shape, its realistic
      - the way the thigh bends, her bendover view is not too bad as far as the standard 3D figure goes
      - shoulder control is nice
      - the FBMs provided are ok

      what is crap is:

      - Her general sex-appeal. I don't wanna bend her over.
      - her face. Sorry, even my ugliest girlfriend was prettier than her
      - the hair is boring as hell. If you want to present a figure, give her some respectable hair, not that Kate v3.0 lampshade that they provided
      - some of her facial morphs are lousy, especially 'open mouth'

      and Rex's eyes are too big and unrealistic. Both figures are nothing new and can be done better.

      Maybe V4, V5 and V6 aren't any better, but seeing what is possible with the software of today, I find it weird that big companies like SM and DAZ launch such boring figures on the market. Come on! Make it exciting!

    3. Did you try to be kind, when saying "realistic"? Your analysis is correct, but you can work with her. Unlike P8/9-Allyson , who are completly messed up. I used the pregiven expressions and added custom correcting morphs to her. I collected them in a fullbody masterchannel.

    4. hehe no I really think her body shape is well done, her boobs are believable, the way it is rigged is fine!

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