Saturday, 1 June 2013

Comic preparations & Update for Lali's Bits

Hey peeps, fans, supporters, critics, customers, ladies, gentlemen, guys, gals, dawgs & pervs...


Well, now that Lali's Bits is out for DS (which is going very smoothly compared to the Poser version, thank you Poison) and almost all people are reporting that the 1.04 Poser injection update seems to have solved the cross-talking and save issues, I've FINALLY begun to get back into rendering again. Below you can see some test renders of Lali and one of Laila, trying out textures and props. I am really pleased with the way Laila's boobies worked out!


Off course I haven't forgotten my promise to everyone about an update with reset poses and extra mats for the vagina prop. That's on its way. I'll also try to add a remapped version of the prop with a new texture and some parameters that respond to the usual FBM dials like Aiko, Elite, Stephanie, etc. I need to discuss with Renderotica how this gets distributed. My update will be limited to the vagina prop however because any changes on the actual Lali body system will be a nightmare to implement. 

By the way, a note on the 1.04 Poser injection update, which is currently available through me and Renderotica: its just two injection files, almost identical to the old c17 injection files, except slightly differently coded to deal with those ANNOYING cross-talk and save issues. You will only need it if you have these issues.

Anyway, so, without further ado, my ladies:

Lali & Laila, daughters of a retired French Foreign Legionnaire, born and raised in Senegal and Sierra Leone... not your average chicks. Laila will gradually get more involved in Lali's comics, but for now, she will only appear in Lali Lites.

Trying out her new lip-biting thingy

Training for FIS, au naturel

Laila, Lali's super-hot goth sister. She works for the Berliner Polizei as an undercover field-investigator. A risky job when you get involved with the Berlin underground organisations... risky enough for our pleasure ;)


  1. Laila looks like she will be a welcomed addition.

  2. Although I thoroughly enjoy Lali, I simply cannot wait for Lalia to make her appearance. Also, seeing as how she will be gothic, would it fit her better to give her a few piercings, like a nose piercing, or maybe something a little bit more kinky, like nipple or clit piercings? Maybe, if no piercings, some painted finger or toe nails, or both, sort of a black or dark color.

    If she stays the same, that will still be amazing, as she looks stunning as she already is. Keep up the amazing work, and have a wonderful day.


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