Saturday, 25 May 2013

A message from Poison about DS3

"The opinions expressed in this post are solely those of the author Poison and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Erogenesis or Renderotica."

To all DS3 users :

Do you know what is Lali's Bits ? It is the most complex thing that has already been created using the conventional Victoria 4.2 as base, a true work of art that brilliantly uses the most complex and powerful resources available on Poser, allowing the amazing interaction between the figure and the prop. So it is not just another morph, it is not just another figure, it is much more than that, it is an extremely complex SYSTEM. There is an incredible net of dependencies between V4 and the prop, I counted over a hundred MCMs and JCMs throughout the system that interact with each other. For me it was a great challenge and a great pleasure to work with Erogenesis and bring Lali's Bits System (LBS) to DS4 users.

I wrote the preceding paragraph primarily because I was fascinated with LBS. Is it strange to speak, but she revived my passion for conventional Poser figures. The second reason is to justify my statement that DS3 is not fully capable of handling such a complex system.

DS3 is an dead and deprecated app, it uses an outdated file format within an old and inefficient internal architecture. Just the ruins of the DAZ's attempt to create a "Poser-like" app. DS 4 ( now 4.6 ) is a completely different program, much more intelligent and efficient, with much better file formats, architecture and workflow, being perfectly able to support (and even improve) the LBS, quickly and cleanly. Now DAZ, with DS4, is trying  to create a "better-than-Poser" app, with success on some aspects. As everyone can see, Poser 2014 finally brought some improvements that were clearly motivated by the competition with DS4, this is great for both programs and wonderful for us, the users.

In other words, you can try, you can insist, you can struggle, you can get any relative success, but using DS3 you will never have LBS running at its fullest huge potential. Install and enjoy DS4.6, it's free and it will allow the unprecedented LBS full experience.



  1. Since DAZ Studio Pro is even free, it shouldn't be that hard for Daz 3 users to upgrade to a newer version.
    Like Barney Stinson would say: "New is allways better."
    Especially 3D software is a topic where you need to stay up to date for your own good (e.q. render time optimizations, render settings etc)
    In the 2D section it is a different story.
    A lot of people buying photoshop cs3 because it's cheap and it can everything what the newer versions can, but maybe with a little bit more work sometimes. But there is nothing huge new like for example, subsurface scattering, subdevide surfaces, indirect lighnight improvement, spline and nurbs renderer etc...

    Ero, I would say you optimize your Lali Bits for Poser and Daz Studio 4+ and that's it :)
    Don't give yourself that headache with DS3
    There are often products on renderocity that explicit say that they are only for specific poser and daz versions.

    I think you just did a great job with Lali Bits and you are working so hard on troubleshooting, that you shouldn't load yourself even more work just for a minority (sorry guys).
    Just my opinion.

    1. BTW:
      a DS4.5 (x64) installation could not be causing the troubles in Poser, right?

    2. hm, I seriously doubt it, unless you mix the runtimes somehow. I haven't tried it though.

      thanks for adding your thoughts up there!! :)

  2. I allways usedto be anoyed by all those Ps. vs Ds. battles in forums. Actually I really like their competition. In the end I (as the consumer) am the winner. Look we've got two great apps here now, that had many improvement during the recent years. May the battles go on. ;-)


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