Sunday, 22 November 2015

Project E mesh 5 started... no more V4

Hey guys n gals,

You might have seen this mentioned elsewhere but I've decided to go ahead with the last phase of Project E development, despite the fact that the Poser team was unable to resolve the JCM problem yet (due to priorities). 

I have decided to attempt it without JCMs. The reason I think it is possible is because of the latest Poser feature "figure handles" or whatever you call them (which are apparently backwards compatible). These handles give such a crazy amount of flexibility, I'm sure I could pull it off somehow. Relying purely on various weight maps could provide even more flexibility for the body when it comes to flesh deformation and/or transferring those deformations to clothing. Also, where JCMs would be incompatible with certain figure types, animated joint centers of theze handles could prove to be exponentially more flexible, especially since Poser 11 has the ability to make these centers animate along with the mesh (which still needs testing). And although JCMs are great for getting in accurate detail quickly, but they are a thorn in the eyes of content creators. So I think I'm going to try this route. 

The fifth mesh is near completion, under careful guidance of some competent vendors of RDNA. The polycount is much more economical than my previous versions, but with more detail in all the right places. I spent almost a year planning mesh 5 in my head, and commenced developing her in the most radical way possible (I'll explain after her release). She will still be a T-Pose, but with A-Pose in mind. 

For her release, all I can say for now is I hope I can make her available with a tonne of options, so she'll basically be plug n play. Content support is still a big question, and I will talk about compatibility below. There have been plenty vendors expressing interest in PE. So who knows, she might get plenty support. I'll try make her available with some simple garments, but I wouldn't be surprised if you'd rather just have her naked haha!

Yes no more V4 nonsense. Mesh 5 will not have a HINT of DAZ in her. No topo, no joint centers, etc. Nothin'. 

But don't worry V4 fans, my runtime is still full of great V4 content and I'm not going to let that go to waste. There will be a solution for us V4 fans, hopefully a very easy one, but I first need to get this girl off the ground without the shadow of DAZ's legal system threatening it.

Time frame? A.S.A.P. I need to get on with comics :)

And my valued comic fans, not to worry, the DDpt2 is still rendering happily on my other PC.

That's it for now. Cheers!


  1. I hope Project E gets lots of support. It wouldn't be a waste. I do not know how you'll do it without JCMs. I'd wish you good luck, but that might be bad luck.

    Do you know if Poser plans to have the JCMs issues resolved by the next serial release?

    1. thanks man, we'll see!! JCMs could still take part, but not as heavily as with the Bits. WM and ghost bones has much to offer for flexibility, but we'll see if that all goes as smoothly as I hope it to be!

      No idea about their plans, but they say it is a priority.

  2. Oh so looking forward to PE now!

    Do I understand correctly that PE will now only work in Poser 11?
    I for one have not made the jump yet but I do intend to soon. Hope all goes well with the development and hope to see some pictures soon.


    1. Thanks! Mesh5 needed some revisions but I think I've finally gotten somewhere.

      I think PE will be able to work in PP2014. I'll need it to since I'm not done with pp2014 yet.

      I hope to get pictures within the next week, but don't want to show too much yet.

  3. "I'm sure I could pull it off somehow"

    Keep up the excellent work. Looking forward to Sen, although my OCD screams at the mud.

    I've been holding off on releasing more V4 characters to wait and see what Poser11 & Project E were up to.

    If what you say is true about V4 and simple solutions, then I can't wait to release some skins and new characters (realistic body shapes & faces is my preference, there are too many pouting fashion models, not enough athletes, cougars, or girls-next-door)

    Project-E with simple garments? I've never met a woman that didn't look good in a suit.

    Sara Floor13

    1. thanks sara! yeah the V4 thing is going to be an adventure, but I'll need it the most since I don't intend to spend forever converting all my V4 stuff. We'll see!

      lol PE will be hard enough, I'll leave the suits to other folks :D

  4. Thanks for the update Ero!
    I will have Poser Pro 11 shortly and can't wait for Project E.
    Thanks for keeping us posted
    Digital Panther

  5. Your Project E made me buy Poser 11 and your work on Pauline/Paulette also helped :3
    Now I shall wait until the stars are right.

    1. hehehehe I have yet to release my version of pauline! cheers man!


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