Monday, 7 August 2017

Project E 2017 - and other Poser figures

Since I'm in the UK things have changed and I now need to stop beating around the bush and get things done. I want to get on with comics but first I need to gt something important out of the way. Poser, and the Poserverse is in need of a realistic figure to reflect / represent all that is awesome about Poser, and give Poser artists a nice figure to work with in their art. I've been working on Project E for a few years now and now its time to complete that. Its been a difficult task, lots of lessons learned, lots of compromises to be made in this ever-changing field of CGI. Some companies seek to ruthlessly control the sector (they can go fuck themselves), others are a bit helpless (they need to drink more coffee). In the meanwhile artists in the middle are suffering because of this stupid corporate battle, including me, and I hope PE can make an end to this. This is about art, and commerce can go take a number. We will decide what's happening, if you wanna make cash of us, fine, but do it in your own fucking time.

I'm not the only one making Poser figures. A dude that I know by the name of Ali is making Bella, no idea how far he is, but she looks pretty decent. Then there is Mr. Sir. Prof. Ambientshade who is working on a male and a female character for Poser, called Orion and Venus (cool names btw). I also want to help them out because its also in my best interest. If PE isn't successful, then I could make morphs for those figures too. We need to move on, as professional artists, and not just doodle around with crappy half-baked figures.

So one thing is for certain, the Poserverse is not one to curl up and die. Sure its great when a superpower takes the reigns and makes everything easier for you, decides what you render with, what you buy, what uberfigure you use, and submit yourself to exclusive security from the one DAZzling empire of 3D... but humans generally don't do well under one Furore do they? Na, we're free spirits, we're artists, since the renaissance, we scribbled our debauchery on pieces of parchment if we had to, or etched it into stone or firewood. Art has no limits, no allegiance. We'll decide what to render, and with what, thank you.

So, I've gotten over myself and accepted that Poser has its issues, and despite them its still pretty superior to even some high-end apps. The only thing that is not superior is its figures, they look like cartoony dolls, and while there's a time and a place for cartoony dolls, come on guys, let's not kid ourselves... we want REALISM! Duh. Project E will hopefully help out there. I just cleaned up the base rig and she's ready for all the fun stuff... once the vendors have seen her. Vendors are your ticket to a clothed figure, textures, extra hair, so be kind to them and offer them baskets of fruit, wash their feet, and sacrifice a goat every full moon to them. They will make things happen for you.

Here are some pictures of Project E (mesh5) as she is now. 


  1. She is looking fantastic Ero...I ask this every time and I am sure you are sick of me asking...when can I get my hands on her? Can I join your Beta team?

    Any ideas on asking price or time range for release yet?

    Thank you for making her.

  2. Poser users most definitely need a realistic female model. I tried so very very VERY hard to give Pauline a chance, but just......*shakes head*
    I'll just leave it there.
    That AmbientShade is impressive, and has what looks like a very nice plain realistic base face to work with.

    PE, including the latest is looking great.

  3. Gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing this go live!

  4. Like many others, I can't wait for Project E to launch. I have tried working with Daz Studio but just don't like it, especially the long render times, so Poser remains my software, with V4 as my primary female figure. Like nakedfunn, I tried hard to work with Pauline and even posted some images of her on Renderosity, but I finally decided that V4 was much better than Pauline for what I wanted to do, especially in terms of creating natural-looking breasts (thanks to the many V4 breast morph packages out there).

  5. Looking just fabulous Ero, I also have to say your presentation is just brilliant. SM/Poser should be using PE as their figure, it might just give them the lift they need. I can't wait to get my mitts on her ;)

  6. I, for one, can hardly wait...rigid with anticipation! All good news, lad; be well there in dear old Blighty!

  7. Ever since you posted this update more than two months ago, I keep checking for a new update saying that the Project e roll-out is coming soon. So many of us would like to try working with her, even if add-ons like clothes are not yet available. So don't feel that you have to have a whole bunch of vendors lined up to support her before you begin offering her for sale. All we need is the character, morphs, and some skin textures. I think you would be amazed by how many of us are longing for a new and realistic female Poser character.

    1. Yes my sincerest apologies. PE is going well and I'm aiming for a xmas release! Its a lot of work but its actually going very well. I'll post an update a.s.a.p here!


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