Sunday, 3 July 2016

Project E Lite

When Project E starts working in Poser 11*, I will wrap the project up when I have time. This will be a watered-down version of the initial plan for the figure. I will try to provide as many morph packs as possible. Texture variations and clothing will have to come from vendors.

How is this plan different from the initial one? There are a number of things that need changing and improving with this figure, but I simply don't dare to touch her rig anymore because the moment I do, Poser will break something. For example, I want to remove some ghost bones that are now obsolete (because that was a workaround for the JCM bug) and her shoulder blades might need more polygons, but the moment I plug her into the setup room, channels get mixed up, and the bending is affected in the weirdest ways. This happened with Mesh4.5 and we eventually managed to fix it. It will have to do, its not ideal but she looks pretty ok as she is.

Comics come first, however. So please continue to be patient ;) Thank you for your endless support and understanding.

*I need P11 since they have fixed a number of issues. Unfortunately they also screwed up a bunch of others.


  1. Will this figure work at all in DS?

    1. Not this one. Tech is too different. There might be some folks willing to try though. Maybe also after I rig her in 3DSmax through FBX export.


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