Thursday, 16 January 2014

Erogenesis in 2014

Hey guys, just in case you were wondering whether or not I am still alive, yep I am. I sort of decided to keep quiet until the bloody comic is finished because every time I say that it's 'almost' finished, it just takes longer and longer. But anyway, I just wanted to share some of my plans for this year with you, some of which are concrete, others not so much. 

By the way, all renders on this blog, were rendered in Poser's Firefly.

Lali Lite: The Gentleman's Club

Yeah, I'm still busy with it, but it's like climbing the Kilimanjaro, the last few steps keep taking longer and longer. So perhaps you're wondering, why the hell is he taking so long over a Lali 'Lite'. Well, for several reasons. First of all I have to just admit that my powers of estimating utterly SUCK ASS, and that might be because I can change my mind quite easily if I see better options. I'll see an awesome shot, or pose, or angle, I just have to render it, or if I see an great opportunity for some cool sex position, I do it. So that's one reason I'm taking a bit longer, I let the story guide me a lot. The second reason is that I over-estimated my computer's processing abilities, especially when it comes to seven millennium figures having an orgy in one scene! It is VERY hard to pose when your PC is lagging so badly (especially since Poser seems to want me to select everything behind the limb I'm pointing at!). I have therefore learned a great deal about planning an orgy well in advance, and using pre-saved poses. Thirdly, since Lali's university time is a whole different world from her FIS time, I had to introduce new characters and environments, which in itself was quite a lot of work. I started buying other people's stuff because it was getting too much and taking too long to make everything from scratch. I will still make my own houses and land props, and I'll also tweak the hell out of other people's content, because I wanna keep some degree of uniqueness in my comics. But it was quite a switch in work flows.


Many people have asked me what the meaning of 'lite' is since this comic is turning out to be larger than any other I've made. Well the idea still stands, it is supposed to be a series of small stories, also of 'lite'-hearted nature. I see this as an introduction to the 'Lali Lite' concept, much like the first episode for a TV series, they are longer than the rest. But the main reason why this comic is so long is because I feel guilty towards my comic fans, whom didn't get a new Lali comic in 2013, who have been so supportive of me despite my Lali Bits detour. So, an extra long comic for the same price as my other comics.

Anyway, in short, everything is rendered except for the last two orgy-related positions (~ 20 to 50 renders). I've already started compiling the comic, so that should not take that much time... like I always say... ahem...

Future comics

While I am not tormenting my sex hormone glands by posing the orgy scenes and waiting for shit to get rendered, and also not to go completely MAD, I leave one PC free to go ahead with other projects, like future comics, environments and scenes. Mainly I am playing with purchased items by stonemason, Powerage, 2nd World and other great artists, I hope they don't mind me fucking their shit up to unrecognisable proportions :)

I'm also building the houses and locations for Lali's younger years in Senegal and Sierra Leone, and some African streets for future comics. I am about to start building a randy sex-club since Lali will also be getting involved in the more kinky side of the erotic art scene with one of the next Lali Lites, as well as the story with Christina and the 'Disco Dragon'. Lali Lites will also involve regular excursions into Lali's dream world, where she gets naughty with all kinds of... well-endowed... erm... beings...

For the next in the Black Desk series, I'm about to put together entire street scenes, a psychiatrist's office and a large office block with an attic and adjacent empty flats. I have been planning that comic for well over two years and it's going to be one action-packed story.

It also flashes back to Lali's freshman's years as she goes on holiday back to Senegal and talks to the psychiatrist about her first time.  

Subsequent comics will involve a military cargo plane, embassy antics, airport cargo terminals, containers, vast african landscapes, rebel villages and camps, military operations, helicopters, ships, Typhoon class Nuclear submarines, walking through the bush and camping, ambushes, capture and all the perils thereof ;)

Project E

For the hell of it, yesterday I was playing around with an old self-made figure from 2008 (based on Sydney G2) which had a very detailed genital integrated into the mesh and very detailed hand controls. I'll try get some renders up some time. But it got me very excited for the possibilities for Project E. 

I am going to be very careful about mentioning any time frames or dates when it comes to PE because I don't wanna make the same mistake as Hivewire3D did by producing an unusable figure in a hurry. I want to make sure PE is as generic as Genesis is, with all the added detail and hopefully not make create any more overhead than a regular V4... and I wanna prove it to myself first through comics! 

Project E's base is waiting in my runtime and is almost a working figure. I just need to take her back and edit some parts of the mesh that was causing problems. It will also require remapping of the torso. Thereafter I'll see if I can transfer morphs from my V4 Lali System. If that works nicely, then PE might hit the stores sooner than I expect... don't count on it just yet though. We have legal issues to sort out with DAZ first.

Along those lines, I was working on some reproductive system cross-section conforming prop just for the hell of it. I've managed to make it somewhat work with Lali's Bits, but Project E should have something like this fully integrated, and in full 3D, not a cross-section. For those that don't like the sight of flesh, there'll be other more 'cartoony' options obviously.


If I have time, I'd LOVE to make a few tutorials about using Poser, from beginner's level to whatever level, or stuff like posing, making frames for comics, and whatever you'd want me to talk about. I have already started a 'Poser for Beginners' tutorial because there are so many up-starts that will be missing out on a lot of simple but useful tools, functions and gadgets in Poser, especially because Smith Micro doesn't really make much of an effort to advertise all the cool shit they make in Poser, for some weird reason.

I'll also give you a peek into the details of my Lali System and how she works. She is a fully customized V4 and pretty much everything about her has been changed! I'll also show you my folder setup, runtimes, and scene workflow if you want.

Anyway, that's it for now. As always I am dying to show you guys this comic, it is a LOT of fun and I am giggling to myself half the time because I know that some people I know are absolutely going to laugh their ass off. That's what I do it for.


  1. Excellent update my friend! We are all looking forward to what 2014 brings for the Erogenesis brand :D

  2. Just today I was thinking, no word must me you're busting ass. All of this look really really nice.
    Oh my! A cross section. :}
    Poser never lets me pick the think closest body part. Its as if you went to grab a beer, and kept picking up the pickles in the back instead.
    Sadly I'm starting to lose interest in Poser, or its the winter weather. Don't know. Very cold this year.
    Regardless, good lucks.

    1. yeah the selecting thing is really getting on my tits and sometimes takes the fun out of posing a scene. I'll definitely email the fuck out of the Poser team very soon.

      I hope its the winter bro, cuz you're a damn good artist!

  3. Thanks for the very thorough update. I wouldn't get the idea that people are disappointed things are taking so long... more like dying to see the finished product/s.
    That cross-section thing looks the biz, but you'll need to make a cross-section penis to go with it, ha, ha. :)

    1. a cross-section penis? eeewww... hihi yeah maybe!
      man I'm also dying to show this comic to you guys!

  4. Good stuff. You are easily the most productive erotic CG artist I know, yet I'm sure somehow I'll be surprised at the volume of sheer awesomeness you churn out this year. Can't wait!

    1. dude you too! and I also can't wait, well for this comic at least! ;) hihihi

      yeah but you're also going to blow people away with your stuff this year!

  5. Great weapons car ... wonder if it has enough mass to remain in place with the missiles fire? But i guess she can just put the car in 1st gear and it will claw its way on :)

    1. haha, good point. Maybe some modified tyres with steel hooks to grip the road?

      But all that ordinance amounts up to 3 tonnes. And a 2 liter turbo engine and steel chassis... ;) lol


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