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Project E Specifications

Hi there. Here's a little info on project e.mesh5

!! project.e.mesh5 is still in development, so things are still subject to change!!

She is in the rigging phase right now, no variation morphs yet. Read here.

Mesh Design

Her mesh was designed for bending such that the polygon flow won't hamper her bends. What exactly I mean with that I'll convey at a later stage, but it basically entails that she'll be able to handle bends very nicely. BR The resolution is on parr with DAZ's Victoria 4, including oral anatomy, ocular anatomy and genital anatomy. So no more addons and conforming props. Polygons have been distributed according to areas of the body that can vary more in shape among real humans, so some areas have less polys than V4, and some more. Areas like the back and the thighs have a lower density than for example the face, hands, breasts and genitals.

Ghost bones and body handles

e.mesh5's rig is entirely weight mapped using Poser's WM. She has several additional bones (I call ghost bones) to handle the deformation of various parts of her body, like her belly, breasts, glutes, upper and lower thighs, saddlebags and calfs. The upper thigh can be used to simulate the action of sitting on her buttocks and upper thighs. These bones have their own body handles. 

Face & Expression handles

e.mesh5's face has expression handles in the shape of invisible boxes. These handles are set far enough away from the face so that they won't interfere with skin shaders (like with Pauline in Octane and Superfly).

e.mesh5 also has a handle to control the direction of both eyes. Naturally you can also move each eye individually. 

She also has magnets installed in her eyes to simulate the bulging effect of the eye's cornea on the eyelids.

Her upper and lower eyelids have been weight mapped and have their own contrained handles (can only move up and down).

Ocular Anatomy

e.mesh5's eyes have been modeled true to nature. There is an outer skin that flows over into the outer surface of the cornea. The tissue and cornea have own mat zones, but share the same map. Therefore you can use a transmap to define the transition between sclera and cornea. 
There is also an inner skin that starts as the inner surface of the cornea, folds back into the shape of the iris, folds back again to the back of the iris (forming a gap that is the pupil) and then ends up as the inner surface of the eye, or just the retina. Yes the pupil is now a 3D hole. In theory you could try to get the red-eye effect by making the retina reflective and shining a spotlight into her eyes. I haven't tried that yet. There is no lens behind the iris however.
 Her eyes have the following material zones:

  • Right Iris
  • Left Iris
  • Right Tissue
  • Left Tissue
  • Right Cornea
  • Left Cornea
  • Right Retina
  • Left Retina

Oral Anatomy

e.mesh5 also has detailed integrated oral anatomy. This means that the outer skin is entirely connected to her inner mouth tissues like with real humans. The mesh continues past her gums, tongue and palette towards the back of her throat, including a uvula, and ends where the larynx would start.

Although the shaping of the inner mouth is not super accurate at the moment, that will either be updated, or left for people to model themselves.

Her teeth are relatively low poly. Her molars have actual roots.

Her jaw is rigged and can be manually controlled to open and move. Her lips have various handles.


As I said above, some of her fleshy parts have their own body handles, and are very versatile. Her breasts have been rigged to move as realistic as I could get them to. They can also be scaled using the weight mapped rigging, although at the end of the day morphs might be better.

Bends, Rigging & JCMs

e.mesh5's bends are currently entirely controlled by weight maps and ghost bones. Additional JCMs will be made to add realism to her bending. Some parts of her bending and her scaling still needs work. I wish to make this girl as versatile as possible!


A simple method will be provided to be able to convert your old content to be able to use with e.mesh5. Currently the method supports V4 but should be able to support G2 as well at some point. there's no reason Pauline and Dawn cannot be included. Its 100% legal. 

Erogenous Zones

e.mesh5 is a real woman! She also has an integrated vagina (and anus). The vagina also extend onward to a cervix and uterus. This was mostly an aesthetic design choice rather than a technical one. I did keep these extra features as low-poly as possible. 

Since the mesh is currently still in her rigging phase, her gens do not look real. The base shape might get changed and more options will be provided in the form of morphs. Her vulva will also be able t be controlled with body handles.

 Thank you for your interest and support!


  1. What about V4 hair (characters and props) - will they work on her? Also, my collection of 56,000,000 preset V4 poses? Shorterbus. Oh, and quit giving stuff away. We will happily pay!

    1. actually they do! hair that is. You just need to adjust the joint centers and boom, it works! I'll try automate it. Not sure about the poses, but ideally it should work yes. Lol don't worry, its just the base mesh, not the morphs. I don't want any sour grapes and disappointments.

  2. When you say the outer skin of the eye, are you referring to the conjunctiva or the sclera or both?

    1. both and the outer surface of the cornea. Its basically a ball with an outer and inner surface. The inner surface folds back out to form the pupil and inside of the cornea. The material zones will show you what is what and a transmap can be used to define the edge of the cornea

  3. As a vendor I just want to say - when she comes out, if she's even close to as good as we hope, you will have my complete support. Can't wait to move my support to a model from the community rather than the dated and sexless models currently available.

    1. hehe thank you very very much. I really hope you'll like her!


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