Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May Update

Hey peeps,

I've done a bit of cleaning up on this blog, kind of in preparation for making a website, but also because there's going to be a load of stuff happening in the next coming months. Comics obviously, but also probably some 3D goodies in the store of which I cannot yet say that much. Speaking of which, I just had a very welcome breakthrough with Project E, if you wanna know more then peruse over to the Project E page, I don't wanna sound the bells just yet, but things are looking good.

So as for this blog:

  • I've updated the Girls' page with some more info
  • Likewise Lali's page
  • the Comics page is more up to date with actual projects
  • I've added a link to 'Tips' about something useful for DSON-haters
  • (BTW, FYI: I updated the 'About page' several months ago if you didn't know. It has some useful info about me and the world of CGe in general)
Most importantly there's a new page called 'Free Stuff'. For some of you loyal fans this is old news but there's basically a whole lump of links to every significant page / website related to my work or any of Lali's crazy spontaneous adventures on Arti of Darkness and elsewhere. This is not only fun, but perhaps also useful if you first wanna check out the quality of my work & storytelling before buying my comics!

Ok that's it for now, I'll keep you posted as the exciting new developments unfold.



  1. That is good news indeed regarding Project E. I'm glad you were able to solve that issue. How soon do you think then she'll be ready for general release?

    1. Not 100% sure. 3 months would be very optimistic I think. I also have comics to make. But I can see light at the end of the tunnel at least, and that wasn't the case a week ago.

      First I'm going to do the disco dragon, in the meanwhile I'm going to gather as much info and suggestions from merchants and other people of importance before I start my final polish-up of project E (mesh repairs, new UVs, V4 UVs, rigging improvements). And off course thorough beta-testing. Addons and market-worthy morphs will need to be made, loads of facial morphs off course. And marketing off course. In any case, I don't want to repeat Hivewire's fuckup, I wanna make sure I don't need to do any emergency repairs after the release, and I wanna make sure that people can actually use her! But at the same time I need to keep myself alive hehe

      Much to do! :) stay tuned!

  2. Making progress is such a great feeling isn't it? Keep up the great work Ero! Now, if you will excuse me, I am headin' on over to the free stuff page... :D


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