Lali's Bits

A graceful solution for the horror called V4's ass (and other parts)
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Go here for Lali's Bits!
Here's a copy of the manual.

WARNING: Like I've warned in the manual and everywhere else, Lali's Bits is a very intensive system and should make V4's ass and naughty bits look realistic. It was designed to cater for every little detail that I, as a comic artist, desire. It should sort out a lot of issues automatically, but depending on how complex your pose / figure is, it might require you to do some adjustments. 

Most people seem to be handling it well, but I've seen that some struggle with it. Be patient and explore it properly before you storm ahead into a scene. If you're looking for a quick genital system, or a free genital system, there are PLENTY around, but none of them were adequate enough for me.

Lali's Bits was firstly designed for myself, and only after people asked me for it, did I prepare it for the store. Like I already said, it does a lot of things automatically, but in case you need to fine tune something, it has hundreds and hundreds of dials to give you that freedom, each with a very specific function. Depending on how exact you want to approach the erotic images in your head, the bits can either be perfect for you, or an entire nightmare.

Have a look at my images on Renderotica, or here, or in my comics. If you like what I do, and you wanna achieve that, then all I will say is that I use Lali's Bits. The choice is yours.

But I warned you, it can be complex! (like a vagina should be!)

GENESIS 1 & 2 users, please read here:

Lali's Bits is for Victoria 4!!!

Every week I get at least one or two emails from DAZ's Genesis 1 and 2 users asking me about plans for bits for Genesis. They don't exist unfortunately. I hear that there's a pirated version going around made by someone that attempted to convert it, but apparently all the dependencies don't work properly. And this is one of the reasons why I haven't bothered with making bits for Genesis. Lali's Bits are very complex, with internal links that I partly set up in a Cr2 programmer. This is something that I perfected over the course of months and months, and tested it in three separate comics. Genesis works with different technology that is only accessible through DS, and is hardly documented. For me to make a similar quality product would require me to start using Genesis and DS. That's a bit of a problem because I use Poser.

Hehe no, I cannot just switch so Genesis and DS, that's like telling an architect to stop using AutoCAD and start using SolidWorks; both good applications, but have different workflows and concepts behind their existence. And from what I've seen, IMHO, DS far better suited for intricate figure development, and not for speedy comic production. Also, DAZ is a very hyperactive company that likes to innovate in several directions at the same time, except in mine, and they keep on coming with new figures while people are still adjusting to the last one. That's fine, but I cannot relate to their rather impatient business model. Moreover, I will loose a LOAD of time just trying to learn their stuff, and before you know it they'll come with something new that will turn the market up side down again. I don't have the time and money to fart around like that. My first priority is making comics, and I made Lali's Bits just for that. Thus, call me old fashioned, but V4 is working very well for me for now. 

However, I am also feeling the itch to get hold of a better figure. There are many figures out there, incl. Genesis, but they all have their specialities. With Genesis you can turn teen girls into cave trolls with one slide of the dial (if you can find the dial); with Dawn you can play female American Football; with Roxie you can have gorgeous looking background figures; with V4 you can do pretty much everything, except you need a million dials and addons to achieve it... but I want a real woman, with intricate folds and bends, genitals, fat bulges in her hands, a detailed face, and a WM-JCM system to die for. No weird models, no Egyptian Gods, just a human female. 

I want something solid with no prude company ideology dictating the level of detail about its 'intimate biological nature', and something that is accessible without having to re-learn basic stuff and make costly career-changing decisions. Thus I began making my own figure called Project E, based on Poser-and DS-friendly CR2 but with WM, and none of that SubD nonsense. But I am taking my time for this, putting my comics first, but hope to start working with her soon, and be rid of annoying conforming props, polygon knots, and a lack of polygons in the face, hands, abdomen and genitals. 


On this page:

  • Background
  • Development of the Injection
  • Release
  • Troubleshooting


"OMFG! Lovely. This is going in my cart as soon as released." -Shante from Renderotica

"DAYUM! Just dayum. Very impressive." - Target1 from Renderotica

"'Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.' – Oliver Wendell Holmes. 

Haha, very appropriate quote. I think Lali's bits are going to inspire a lot of new ideas!" - Target1

Necessity is the mother of innovation, in my opinion. When I started making the comic Weaponshandling, I was yet again confronted with the horrendous bending capabilities (or rather, lack thereof) of DAZ's Victoria 4 and decided to make a solution once and for all. I had already made a few attempts before I got myself into comics, but now the need was high for something professional and convincing.

Three to four months later I had created the foundation for the "Lali System". It was named after Lali because she was the figure that I had developed it in.

In Weaponshandling you can see the beginnings of the Lali System. The foundation has since not changed, but it has now been refined with a whole battery of interconnected master parameters that control the behaviour of target morphs relative to the movement of the legs, or simply called Joint Controlled Morphs (JCM).

The Lali System currently consists of a vagina prop and four major Morphs (8 if you count the symmetry split) to account for the three key movements of the legs. One is split into 2 stages.

Key movements are:

  1. bending 0 to100 degrees
  2. bending 100 to 135 degrees
  3. Sideways -15 to 75 degrees
  4. Side-bend replacing bending 100 or side-side 75.
Beyond that there are well over one hundred morphs and master parameters to make the vagina prop open and close nicely along with the key movements. 

The vagina prop itself also has over one hundred morphs, some of which are very similar. 
The vagina prop was designed according to professional anatomical books and pornographic imagery available on the internet. 

Its morphs and dynamics are also based closely on these references, as well as its textures.

The vagina prop is capable of replicating at least five main types of vulvas, and therein perhaps well over twenty types.

I will do my best to create at least five presets to use 'out-of-the-box'. The range of possibilities thereafter are to be used at your own risk. 

Lali's Bits do require a bit of studying before you can get the results you want. But I can say that... almost anything is possible.
Up yer bum!

Some time was spent on incorporating the ability of anal penetration, although priority went into the vagina. The anal capabilities an be seen in the comic The Route for now. Updates on this will be posted on this blog.

Accessories & the Future

Because of the painstaking process of preparing the injection, future injections are now less of a priority for Erogenesis. After Lali's Bits, Erogenesis will concentrate on making at least 2 Lali Lites and one full comic. Thereafter, he might consider releasing something new, also depending on the reception of Lali's Bits.

No plans have been made to make any accessories available such as cum drips or body textures, but they are being taken into consideration.

Lali's Bits will definitely continue being developed. One of the main items on the plan is more morphs loaded up at smaller intervals of bending for all key movements of V4's legs. 

The vagina prop might be redone entirely including a more accurate internal anatomy for those lovely sickos amongst us.

Development of similar solutions for V3, V5 or even M4 are currently being considered depending on the success of Lali's Bits, or the demand thereof.

Sex! Sex! Sex!

No matter how civilized you think you are, penetration, coitus or simply fucking is where the money is usually at. Here are two free examples of what you can expect in your runtime.

Note the effect of the bending on the vulva area... next to none.

These were rendered before The Route, however. If you want to see the most updated version, check out The Route :)

Development of the Injection

As many of you know, the making of the injection was quite the adventure... and not a recommended one. The primary reason is due to the unstable handling and complete lack of support for the CR2 (pz2) file format managed by you know who. These formats are very necessary to make anything happen in Poser, so we had no choice. Luckily through (im)patient research on behalf of Ken (Dexterward99) and myself, we managed to find a workaround to get Poser to install exactly what we wanted. In the meanwhile we've acquired quite some knowledge on the CR2 file format... 

We found that pz2 file handling has improved with the most recent updates of Poser versions.

We developed a similar method as DAZ does with their ExP system, except we expanded it to work for any V4 you want converted. Therefore the DAZ version is not too far off. 

Like mentioned on the DAZ page, in principle it should work with a Poser-created and exported V4 (no binaries) but don't risk it just yet. We've only tested it for DAZ 4.5. Wait for us to test it so then you can try it yourself if you want. Generally we'd advise you to be a little more patient until we get an official DAZ version out, tested and ready.


Lali's Bits version 1.03 was released 16th February 2013. The reception was quite good, with some people running into trouble. Most of those issues were quickly resolved, but some were very persistent. Some users had serious cross-talking issues but we managed to solve it for most of them with the 1.04 update. 

Be patient with Lali's Bits. You might get a little lost at first. The manual should get you going. It has a very comprehensive chapter on getting started. I recommend you patiently just follow that, or at least read it. 

In the meanwhile I will do my utmost to update this page so help you with any common problems.

I will do my best to reply to any posts or emails but don't be surprised if I take a bit long (like a day), or in the worst case, just forget :O in that case, spam me again!!!!

Be sure to check the updates for notices that I am sick, or off to the lake, or dead etc... ;)


Sexy Chick Preset
The first issue I got was that once The Sexy Bitch Preset is put to zero, it looks quite awkward. Nothing wrong, that's just the zero setting to start from. Its the V4 mesh untouched and the pussy prop in a clear and visual position to adapt and change before tucking it away in her labia folds, for example.

Also, if your nipples look flat and extended, that means that the Sexy Chick Preset is messing with your other morphs. Dial it to zero and select your own Pussy Preset.

PS: check on Areola Fixes, one of them might still be activated. They can fuck up the nipples too.

Aiko and other FBMs
Make sure all your FBMs (like Aiko) are zero'ed so that you can first see what the V4 version looks like, then start playing with Aiko, or whatever FBM you use.

Generally, for Aiko, you'd have to adjust the vertical position of the prop. This can be done in Pussies > Action > Quick Fixes (not sure about the names). You can safely leave it there.

update: I am going to try and make an update soon to allow for automatic adjustments with popular FBMs. I don't have all of them, just the typical DAZ ones, Aiko and some of the Elite ones.

Don't ask for a date just yet cuz I just wanna make sure everyone's settled in and happy. then I'll try to get this update done.

X&M Perfect fixes:
Please read the second part of this post.

General tips

My first and formost advice with this system is: be patient!!!! Its LARGE and there are many options. 

My second advice is RTFM! :)

My third advice is: have fun!

For the rest, if you run into trouble, make sure of the following:
  • update update update update your Poser!!!
  • Get the 1.04 update from Renderotica (or email me)
  • your V4 is initialised (run: .../runtime/libraries/!DAZ/DzCreateExPFiles-V4.bat)
  • make sure all your V4 M4 related files, clothes and props are in the same runtime. I suspect that that is the root of all cross-talking.
  • my folders are in the SAME runtime as DAZ is (not very necessary, but best to be safe)
  • when injecting Lali's Bits, run a new scene, 
  • and to be sure, clear the cache (in Preferences)
  • to play it safe: inject only one figure at a time per scene
    • (so once one figure is injected, save it to the library, and start a new scene)
  • Use the python method to be safe, even if the direct method works. I don't have much confidence in Poser's pz2 handling that much yet.
  • Never:
    • re-inject after an undo of an injection
    • inject twice
  • get up and walk around every half an hour to avoid bloodclots in your legs or RSI in your wrists :)


  1. Are the bits designed for Genesis or V4?

    1. V4 :)
      Here's more info:

  2. Thanks for Lali, she looks incredible.
    I look forward to Lali's Bits.

    Thanks for your work

  3. Going to immediately buy this

  4. This does look like it will be the best 'naughty parts' system for Vicky 4 ever made, so excellent work! ^_^

    I do have a question, though:
    I use Poser 7, and I've done some test renders with the vagina prop. It still looks a bit plastic/shiny in my renders, though (Firefly, 'final' resolution).

    Are there any tips you can give me to fix this (or point me to where it is in the manual [I admit I've only glanced at it so far])?

    1. Hi, sorry to respond so late. I didn't see this comment :(

      yeah the plastic shininess could be due to the connection to "alternate diffuse". Just disconnect that and then it should look a bit better. Otherwise put the highlight size of the specularity to something like 0.01? add a bit of grey to the diffuse color. Anything is possble. Oh and put the Ambient Vaule to 0, even if the ambient color is black. It still shines.

      email me directly for a faster answer next time. Its getting pretty tough to keep track of all the comments everywhere haha

      thanks for buying!!!!

    2. Thanks for the suggestion; didn't quite work though (came out WAY too dark), so I just adjusted the color of the 'alternate diffuse' and it came out looking more normal.

      Looking forward to any updates, though.

      Thanks for all the hard work! ^_^

    3. cool. try sdjusting the diffuse_value rather than the alternate_diffuse. The latter tends to 'glow' in renders.

      thanks :)

  5. Just bought Lali's Bits... and after 5 minutes of try-out I think I can already say that this seems to be the best genitals props/morphs for V4 ever made... Great work! I must say thanks (Since a man can only say thanks to another for his great vagina a few times in his life...:)

    Injected the whole thing i a ''already oozing with morphs'' V4 and it SEEMS to work A1 (poser pro 2012)

    My digital ladies will never be the same.

    1. hehehehehhe thank you for buying 'my vagina' O.o
      glad to hear you're having fun!

  6. I personaly have not been able to purchase lali bits as of yet as Renderotica does not accept pay pal and i dont posess any credit cards. So dont know how i am ever to get it and i want it

    1. Renderotica does do Paypal :) send me an email and I can hook you up with andrew, he'll sort you out

    2. ok no problem. sending it now

  7. Well Finaly got the bits, and am having fun already. attaching then to characters that i have... whooo hooooooooooooo

  8. Having a problem with Lali's Bit's with Poser 2012. When I make a character, I use V4.2, then add V4.2 base morphs, the +++ morph, then Elite Morph. After that I go to the skin I want to use, add the characters morph, then add Lali's Bit's. The problem I have then is the nipples, they look squeezed together, I work on them and the best I can do is to make the nipples look like sharp can I fix this?

    1. Thanks for buying first of all. Second, that might be because of the areola correction I did. Switch off the 'Sexy Chick Preset' and then the boobs should be solved. Then you must select a Pussy Preset to use with your models.

      The 'Sexy Chick Preset' only activates some boob morphs, a pussy preset and a face adjustment. So you're not missing much.

    2. Thank you, that cleared it right up, was looking at the model rather than your GREAT prop. Very happy with your work and hope to see more.

  9. Coloring,

    How can I color the bits? I went for the normal way (Poser 2012) in the material room, trying to change color, but that still left it a bright pink. Then I tried cut and paste from the character torso to the lali bits, again, very little change. Any tips on getting the bits to a nice flesh color?

    BTW, I am enjoying the bits, best new prop I've seen in a long time.

    1. thanks for buying kirbster! please check out this page:

      you might have to shop the texture to get the right color, or just use the greyscales in diffuse color

  10. I would just like to say I am enjoying Lali's bits very much. It has given me a new perspective on V4. A big thank you to Erogenesis.

  11. Sir,
    Lila's bits are nothing short of genius!
    I'm no pro when it comes to poser or animation ect. More of a hobby than anything else, but I have found Lila's bits easy to use and have had very good results. The only problem I did find was the coloring on the prop itself (Poser9) but nothing too major.

    Thanks for spending time on this and I look forward to any updates you may have coming. I'd like too see a GND4 morph/version. I did try it on GND4 with interesting results :P

    Money well spent and probably the best prop I have ever bought for Vicy!


    1. thank you for buying! the update, whenever I can get it done, should contain more materials. The DAZ version is just taking way longer than expected.

      Unfortunately I don't even know what GND4 is haha. But maybe I'll explore other options, depends on how things develop from here. V4 has been and still is my base of operations primarily because Lali is V4, not for marketing reasons. Shifting over to another figure type will be a tremendous step for me, particularly because my Lali System has got years of development behind it. So if that will happen, it will have to be for a very very good reason.

      Anyways, enjoy!!

  12. Oh, I am enjoying:D

    GND4 is basically a character for Vicy 4.2. More of a refit tbh as it fixes some of the bad spots Vicy is know for. Nice athletic body too if you like that kind of shape:P So Lila's bits do work with it after some adjustments, still working on it when I get the time.

    Anyway, hope the Daz version comes together soon and I'm looking forward to seeing the new materials.

    Keep up the good work sir!

    1. are you managing with GND? I might have a solution for you

  13. I've got to thank you for all the hard work you put in the pursuit of human fulfillment with Lali's Bits. I've been working with it and love how natural she looks, of course getting 3D figures looking natural is a time consuming task, but no where near as time consuming as was with the original V4.2 figure. I no longer want to shoot my laptop and don't need to take medication for chronicle Poser stress disorders :) I do have a couple of issues with the teeth and sometimes with the eyes. When her mouth opens, the teeth stay behind in their original position, I'm running Lali's Bits on PP2014, but this also happened with PP2012. When I charge the ready to use Lalified V4.2 from the library onto the scene, the genital prop appears spread and open and I usually have to change it with a new one. Can't wait for Project E, she sounds exciting!!!

    1. yeah the jaw does seem to have issues with some people. I think it has to do with a conflict with another package or something. Poser is by no means a stable piece of software yet, with loads of things depending on a good performance, but they're improving bit by bit!

      thanks, I'm also looking forward to PE! I need her!

  14. I did find that the Lali/V4 figure that gets created in DAZ had strange looking nipples (pointy and squidged), so I switched off the Sexy Chick preset (which seems to be "on" by default). This fixed the nipples, but it made the pussy itself drop southwards and out of poor Vicky's crotch. So I did a height adjust and a few other things.

    The really good thing is that you have created so many morphs that almost every position modification can be corrected somehow or another.


    (still waiting to hear from you about the X&M implementation, btw. I emailed you...)

    1. hey hey! yeah just replied. Sorry it took forever.

      yeah the sexy chick preset is just something to get you going, but its best to just switch that off first thing, and dial in your preferred Pussy Preset.

      One important thing about the nipples is that for some reason one of the areola corrections is dialled to 0.5 by default. This makes her nipples look funny.


  15. Any idea when the new update will be finalized and released at renderotica? Been watching and waiting. :)

  16. BIG fan of Lali's Bits and I use it ALOT!!! Is the update available?


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